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The RCC Pilotage Foundation was established in 1976 through the generosity of Dr Fred Ellis, an American member of the Royal Cruising Club. It enables members of the RCC, and others, to share their sailing experiences and so help cruising sailors extend their horizons.

The Pilotage Foundation is a registered charity whose object is 'to advance the education of the public in the science and practice of navigation'. It currently does this by revising and publishing a wide range of pilot books and by providing additional cruise planning information through its web site.

The Atlantic Islands Pilot has informed and encouraged the transatlantic skipper for fifteen years. During this time the size and number of boats sailing the Atlantic has increased, engines have become more reliable and GPS has greatly simplified the navigator's role. In the islands these changes have been met with increased and better facilities, and some easing of procedures, while the essential charm of the people and diverse nature of the differing islands and archipelagos remain unspoilt.

Anne Hammick researches these changes with great attention to detail. The Atlantic islands are not just convenient stepping stones for the long distance sailor but offer varied and fascinating cruising in their own right. Her fully revised pilot provides the facts and inspiration for such further exploration.

M R Walker Director,

RCC Pilotage Foundation July 2004

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There's something very satisfying about seeing one's book reach its fourth edition, perhaps heightened when it's the first one ever wrote. I'm very aware that it would not have achieved this venerable state without the help of the many yachtsmen and women who have sent in corrections and amendments over the years and whose names would fill a book in themselves. Should I have omitted to thank anyone who has contributed to this new edition I apologise. Please don't take it personally - I wish I had as reliable a memory for names and faces as I have for boats and harbours.

Taking the Atlantic Islands in sequence, I much enjoyed my five-week exploration of the Azores in 2003, meeting many welcoming local people and revisiting harbours which I had first seen when researching the first edition sixteen years earlier. It is remarkable how little many have changed - and how much others have. I now find it hard to imagine the Azores without the illuminating presence of Duncan Sweet, Ruthie, Leah and all the staff at Mid Atlantic Yacht Services in Horta, though older friends, in particular the ever-helpful Joao Carlos Fraga, should not be forgotten.

Amongst those who sent me facts and feedback about the Azores in the later stages, generally in answer to specific questions, were Sue Thatcher (of whom more later), Roddy Innes and David Darbyshire, building on the assistance received from many other yachtsmen and women in the years since the previous edition was published. I would also like to thank Sue and Roddy for the use of their photographs, together with Michael Pocock, Peter Price and Dr John Lytle whose pictures also appeared in the previous edition. Mention of the third edition reminds me to thank Ian Wallace, who kindly lent me his own, carefully annotated, copy and who will be receiving a copy of this fourth one in return - an exchange which I hope will be as beneficial to him as it has already been to me.

Facilities for yachts in the Madeira archipelago are developing at speed, and I am indebted to Madeira resident Dick Denning for keeping me abreast of them. Undeterred by frustrating health problems he set up interviews with marina and project managers, collected plans, took photographs and then chased up my resulting queries. I hope that Peter Morgan, who introduced me to Dick, also knows how grateful I am. Amongst the yachtsmen who also went out of their way to obtain information for me were Mike Dwyer - visiting Porto Santo for the

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