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I. Spar, Rigging, and Sail Plan 114

II. Double Centre Boards 247

III. Boat for Rowing and Sailing 255

IV. Boats of 10ft., 12ft., 14ft., 15ft., and 20ft., Ditto... 261 Y. Sail Plan for 17ft. Boat 275

VI. Sail Plan of " Le Lison " French Centre-Board Yacht 276

VII. Sail Plan Chinese Lug Sail 281

VIII. Centre-Board Yacht "Charm" 285

IX. Gunter Sprit Rig 291

X. Brighton Beach Boat 299

XI. " Alert/' Centre-Board Yacht 307

XII. Una Boats 312

XIII. " Elaine," New Brighton Boat 816

XIV. Sail Plan of "Elaine" 320

XV. " Jabbbrwock," New Brighton Boat 322

XVI. Windermere Yachts 832

XVII. Windermere Yachts 332

XVIII. Windermere Yachts, Sail Plan 333

XIX. Itchen Boat, 30ft. and 27ft 341

XX. Itchen Boat "Wild Rose" 342

XXI. Itchen Boat "Centipede," 22ft. 8in. and 21ft 343

XXII. Itchen Boat, Sail Plan 344

XXIII. Itchen Punt 346

XXIV. Clyde Boat Plan 350

XXV. Clyde Sail Boat, General Plan 355

XXVI. Design for Yachts of 10 tons and 5 tons 361

XXVII. "Lorelei," 5 tons Yacht 362

XXVIII. " Feeda," 5 ross Yacht 362 XXIX. "Witch," Locgh Em Yacht

XXX. " II eat ees Cjbii," UlSB m;:el Cit3 B:ai 371

XXXI. PrazASci Lcggeb 375

XXXII. Galwat Hooczk 3r0

XXXIII. Galwat Pookhacx

XXXIV. Ship's Boats Sei XXXV. "Jcllaxab" 393

XXXVI. Docble Boats 395

XXXVII. " Nactilcs " Caxoe 414

XXXVIII. " Nactilcs " Racing Caxoe 426

XXXIX. "Nactilcs" Cecisisg Caxoe 42e

XL. " Nactilcs " Caxoe Sail Plax 440

XLI. "Nactilcs" Cbcisixg Caxoe Sail Plax 446

XLII. "Nactilcs" Cbcisixg Caxoe Spar axd Biggixg Plax 447

XLIII. " Pearl " Cahoe 450

XLV. " Wben " Clyde Caxoe 471

XLVI. Cltde Canoe Sails 474

XLVII. Mersey Caxoe 483

XLVIII. Ice Boat op Sea op Azopp 534

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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