Karavelle Aufbau



10. A detail of one of the two naos in the altarpiece La Vida de Santa Ursula, painted by Joan de Reixach in 1450. Formerly in the Church of Cubellas, Lleida, the painting is now in the Museu d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona. The curved transverse beam for securing the anchor cables is visible through the arch of the forecastle. The planking below the forecastle is clinker fashion, in contrast to the carvel-built hull. Note that the shroud^ have no ratlines, although the man seen climbing to the top in the upper right corner of the picture seems to be using them; possibly the ratlines were missed when restoration work was done. Xavier Pastor

11. This nao from the cover of the Llibre del Consolat y dels Fets Maritims (1502 edition) shows clearly the large horizontal bitt under the forecastle, in the space known as the tllla.

Nao Caravel

12. The hull of the model known as the Nao de Matard, dated 1450 and possibly an ex-voto, which is said to have been on view at the Ermita de San Simon, in the coastal town of that name. The Mataro nao is now in the Prins Hendrik Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam. Xavier Pastor collection

Spanish Gunboat
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