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13. The only part clinker built on the Catalan nao was below the forecastle. This feature was reproduced by Martinez-Hidalgo in his version of the Santa Maria, as shown in this detail of the model in the Museu Maritim, Barcelona. Xavier Pastor

Santa Maria Plans Santa Maria Plans

15. Tackles supporting the mainmast the Mataró model in the Prins Hendrik Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam. Xa vier Pastor

14. A parrel on the Mataró ex-voto. Xavier Pastor

15. Tackles supporting the mainmast the Mataró model in the Prins Hendrik Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam. Xa vier Pastor

Caravel Plans


16. A replica of the Matará model of a Catalan nao, built by Xavier Pastor after research in the Prins Hendrik Maritiem Museum at Rotterdam in 1985. The work was sponsored by the Camara de

Comercio of Barcelona, and the model was offered to the Museu Maritim in that citv Xavier Pastor y'

Gordon Matta Clark

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18. A reproduction of the drawing of a nao on the chart of Gracioso Benicasa, dated 1482, in the Biblioteca dell'Universita, Bologna, Italy. The sails have squared reinforcements, and other details are also very informative.

17. The collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London includes a Moorish bowl from the early fifteenth century, manufactured in Malaga, Spain, whose decoration is a three-masted nao of a type similar to that represented by the Matarô model. The bulwarks of the forecastle are clinker built, and the structure over the quarterdeck is very similar to that of the Matarô model.

Karavelle AufbauCaravel Plans

19. The same type of reinforcement for the sails can be seen in the chart of the Pizzigani brothers, dating from 1367, more than a century earlier, now in the Biblioteca Palatina in Parma.

20. A reproduction of a drawing of a nao in the Regimento do Astrolabio e do Quadrante, the oldest nautical treatise known (dating from 1509). The only known copy is now in the Staatsbibliothek in Munich.

21. A nao under construction in a Venetian shipyard, from the Peregrinationem in Terr am Sanctam by Bernard von Breydenbach (1495). This work was translated into Spanish by Martin Martinez Dampies and published in 1498. The drawing is reproduced from the article 'La Navegación en el Mediterráneo en el Siglo XV, época de la Coca de Mataró' by Laureano Carbonell.

Portuguese CaravelPortuguese Caravel Drawn

23. Spanish and Portuguese naos from the chart of Juan de la Cosa, circa 1500.

22. A detail from the carved altarpiece in the church of San Nicolas at Burgos, Spain (carved between 1480 and 1503), showing a nao. Channels, shrouds with ratlines, and tops are clearly visible. Drawing by R Monleon

Caravel Drawing

24. A woodcut depicting a Spanish ship from 1496.

Museo Naval, Madrid

Portuguese Caravel

25. Details such as the tackle at the top, the mainsail bonnets and the rudder are shown clearly in this drawing from La Vida de Santa Magdalena by Joan Jofre, published in Valencia in 1505.

Karavelle Aufbau

26. This bronze relief of the Sacrifice of Jonah by Bellano (dating from 1514) in the Basilica of San Antonio at Padua, Italy, shows clearly the great arch of the forecastle, the horizontal bitt and the clinker-built bulwarks below the forecastle.

Backyard Boatbuilding

27. A reproduction of a drawing of a Flemish carrack by the artist known as W A, dating from 1475. The mainmast shrouds have no ratlines, but a Jacob's ladder gives access to the top. The shrouds are secured by heart-shaped deadeyes and lanyards to channels. The Great Arch - as Winter called it - is visible under the forecastle. A large single-piece mizzen yard is supported by bridles

Art Drawing Caravel

28. In the Atlas attributed to the cartographer Pedro Reinel (1516) in the Bibliothèque National, Paris, there are drawings of three masted lateen Portuguese caravels; this drawing is based on one of them.

Mast Ship Construction

29. Lateen caravels drawn beside the signatures of fishermen on a document in the Archivo de Indias, Seville.

30. A four-masted Portuguese caravel from the Livro Naútico (late sixteenth century), reproduced from the book A Caravela Portuguesa by Quirino da Fonseca.

Latiner Yacht Marie Broads Racer
31. A model of the caravel Niña before her lateen rig was changed, based on the research of Martinez-Hidalgo Mi/sei/ Maritim, Barcelona

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Ship Model Mataro

32. A model of the caravel Pinta based on research by Martinez-Hidalgo ' Museu Maritim, Barcelona igwggSHlllK

32. A model of the caravel Pinta based on research by Martinez-Hidalgo ' Museu Maritim, Barcelona

33. The hull of the model of the Martinez-Hidalgo Niña under construction. Museu Maritim, Barcelona

34. A port bow view of the model of the Martinez-Hidalgo Niña, showing the deck layout.

Museu Maritim, Barcelona

Karavelle Aufbau

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