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Atlantic Proa Sail
Figure A.1 - Patent #2 703 063 Hydrofoil craft designed and patented in 1955 [Gil55]

The Boat LI I til Filti. James GropoAb

Figure A.2 - Icarus [Gro87]

Figure A.4 - Ceres - top speed nearly 22 knots [ChaOO]
Swedish Speed Sailing Challenge Paravane
Figure A.5 - 'Twin Ducks' [KHK00]
Figure A.6 - Rohan Veal's~Moth Design. [Vea05]
Figure A.7 - L'Hydroptere [The05]

Figure A.9 - 'The Paravane Speedsailer' [S003] Demonstrating the use of a hydrofoil connected with wires (paravane) to the mast, to counter the heeling moment.

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