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Cat Spray Stop Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Susan Westinghouse
Price: $37.00

Bridgedeck Proportions

The sleek Gunboat 48 features a short bridgedeck and long bows, with a lightweight trampoline between the latter. Less performance-oriented cats have longer cabin houses and bridgedecks, emphasizing accommodations foremost. The sleek Gunboat 48 features a short bridgedeck and long bows, with a lightweight trampoline between the latter. Less performance-oriented cats have longer cabin houses and bridgedecks, emphasizing accommodations foremost.

A N Ew Jersey Love Affair

This is one summer fling that never got old. Flaunting their massive mainsails over shallow Barnegat Bay, N.J., the 28-foot A Cats have captured the hearts of bay sailors for generations, while testing their stamina at the helm, sheets, and bilge pumps. Based on extensive interviews and featuring dozens of photographs, co-authors Gary Jobson and Roy Wilkins pay tribute to this unique class in A Cats A Century of Tradition, highlighting the revival of older boats, the building of new ones, and the many individuals and clubs who couldn't resist the romance of one more summer together. Published by Nomad Press, 49.95,

Ensenada Mejillones To Uquire

Tall mountains of raiivores rise abruptly from the sea. Fast mountain rivers create pools and waterfalls. Ashore you are in the wild. There are monkevs. parrots and jungle cats. But before you rush up in shorts and flip-tlops. remembet there are also poisonous snakes and giant cent , pedes along with lesser bitine bugs least one vampire bat has taken a meal trom

Southeast Tip Anchorages

Matira's lovely beaches are two lodgings with locals. Chez Nono Leverd is near the Matira Hotel, with single rooms for 2,500 francs, and double occupancy for 3.000. Hobie Cats and sailboards are for rent here, Hobies, 2,500 francs per hour sailboards, 900 francs per hour, more expensive than at other Bora locations. Chez Are offers bungalows between the Hotels Bora Bora and Matira for 5,500 francs per bungalow.

New Jersey designer tries his hand at sail

Like her comps, the Arey's Pond Cat 21 and the Coquina Cat 21, the Atlantic City Kitty 21 or ACK can be distinguished from other more traditional cats, such as the Marshall 22 (page 182) and Menger Cat (page 183) by her rudder. Both of the ACK's comps have so-called inboard rudders, tucked under the stern in contrast with the so-called barn-door rudders of traditional catboats. There are advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. Best and worst features Despite being narrower and in the same length range, the ACK is much heavier than her comps. The reason appears to be in her tremendous ballast of 1,800 pounds, 34 of her total weight (compared to 10 to 15 for most cats of this size and type) which, if subtracted from the total, leaves 3,500 lbs. for everything else hull, deck, engine, spars, sail, hardware, etc. If the same mathematical exercise is performed on her comps, the Arey's Pond Cat ex-ballast weighs 3,044 lbs., and the Coquina Cat weighs 2,600 lbs. Quite a difference...

Modernized classic catboat by Garry Hoyt

Catboat Plans

Designer Hoyt decided to try to minimize some chronic catboat weaknesses, including sluggish windward performance, bothersome weather helm, difficulties in reefing, and excessive sailing and trailering weight. The Express Cat is the result. Best features Compared to other cats (as opposed to the comps below), this design is much lighter and has a higher SA D ratio, and hence is likely to be faster in light air. Her comparatively narrow, foil-shaped centerboard is more efficient, adding more speed. A lightweight aluminum or optional carbon fiber, free-standing, rotating mast and Hoyt-patented self-vanging boom solves several problems at once less windage, advantages of a vang (seldom available in traditional cats due to their low booms), and easier reefing (sail rolls up around the mast). The boat is significantly simpler than her comps to sail, as well as to launch and retreive at a ramp. Moreover, she is beamier and therefore has more stowage room below. Construction quality is high,...

Sailhandling Monohull vs Multihull

Monohull Multihull

The boat you learn on tends to become your benchmark for what sailing is all about though handling varies remarkably between different designs. Despite the huge strides in market acceptance over the past few years there is still a tendency to lump all multihulls together. It is remarkable how cats differ more from each other than monohulls. Some sailors learn on a true cruising catamaran, quite a different experience from sailing a high-performance model. There are also plenty of psychological adjustments monohull sailors might have to make when switching to a catamaran. We have seen that most midsized, cruising cats have either low profile fixed keels (draft typically ranges between 2' to 4') or daggerboards for which the depth can vary from less than 24 with boards up to over 8' with boards down. It's a major adjustment for monohull sailors to cruise on a shallow draft multihull. It's not unusual to see them hyper-ventilating the first time they sail fast in five- to six-foot-deep,...

Airflow and Sail Turbulence

Barber Hauler Catamaran

On daggerboard cats, use the leeward board fully lowered to give you the most lift. As you gain speed or bear off the wind, the daggerboard can be gradually raised. Familiarity with your boat will tell you how much you can comfortably raise the board under various sea and wind conditions. You'll have to allow for additional leeway when going to windward in any shallow-draft boat. Daggerboards help reduce leeway by reaching down into deeper water. Recommendations from the builder or designer and your own experience will tell you how much to allow in various sea conditions. High speeds and strong winds can make it difficult to raise the board. You may find that you have to bear away and reduce speed temporarily to ease the pressure on the foil.

Heavy Weather Tactics

Leopard Catamarans And Heavy Weather

Heaving-to is an important parking technique that should be practiced by every catamaran owner. One tacks from a close-hauled position and either luffs the mainsail or furls it completely. Once on the other tack, the jib is left on the wrong side and the helm is turned hard to windward. Every multihull will behave differently, and one has to experiment how hard the headsail must be sheeted in or how far the rudders must be turned. Keel catamarans will behave slightly differently than daggerboard cats. The headsail will keep the bows turned away from the seas, while the rudders will prevent the boat from presenting her beams to the waves. In the heave-to attitude, the catamaran will fore-reach and slightly drift to leeward.

Present Environment

Drawing Offshore Sailing Catamaran

Boat Shows are the presentation ground and testing venue of the current catamaran environment. They are an invaluable gauge of the growing public interest. When visiting today's boat shows, the abundance of cruising multihulls is mind-boggling. At an average Annapolis or Miami Boat Show, both belong to one of the most prolific multihull gatherings in the world, cruising catamarans typically take up more exhibition space than that dedicated to monohulls. Three dozen or more 40-plus-foot multihulls represent the present cross-section of models available on the market - from small 30' coastal cruisers, to folding trimarans all the way up to 60' or 70' luxury cats. Sailors have discovered the advantages of twin-hulled boats and manufacturers and designers have answered their needs. dad's old monohull. The media coverage of the 60' trimaran regatta circuit in Europe and the globe-circling monster cats have captured the fascination of millions. But, it has also created the false sense that...

Desirable Attributes

The legendary Wharram cats must also be mentioned. They were mostly homebuilt by amateurs, and represent the simple Polynesian concept of a safe, seaworthy boat. Thousands are sailing today and can be found in every part of the world. I even spotted one in Nepal A recent upwind sail on a new 47' production catamaran reminded me of the importance of construction and builder experience. The boat was built by a production builder, who built narrow, heavy cruising cats. The rig on this boat was recently tuned and all shrouds and mast stays were properly tensioned. We found ourselves sailing in brisk conditions, waves were about 4-6', the wind was getting stronger and it was blowing a steady 25 knots. The leeward shroud, which was tight when the boat was at rest, suddenly was extremely slack and was whipping through an arc of almost 2' Not only did this represent a serious injury risk for the crew, compromise mast fittings and create an inefficient upwind rig but, more importantly, it...

What Are The Catamarain Bulkhead Spacing

Antares Pdq Catamarans

The galley is usually not far from the dinette. On most cruising cats the chef is where the guests are and is part of the social action. The cook is happy on a multihull, with plenty of storage space, ventilation and natural light. The front opening refrigerator does not necessitate acrobatics to get to the bottom of it and communication with the crew in the cockpit does not require shouting or hand signals. In short, even the galley on a small multihull is any chef's delight.

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Beneteau Yachts and Lagoon Cats. Virginia's largest fleet. EAST COAST YACHT MANAGEMENT, (804) 776-0800. char ter ecym.org_ Bareboat, skippered and fully crewed charters from Phuket,Thailand. Beautiful and comfortable Tiki 30, Tiki 38, Tiki 55 polynesian cats. Guaranteed best prices in Thailand.

Objective Mission Profile

Foot Catamaran

A lot of blame - now that we have praised them - goes to the charter industry, which commissions thousands of new cruising cats each year. In order to update their constantly abused fleets and with the goal to increase profitability, charter companies prefer multihulls with the most space length price ratio. This keeps acquisition costs at a minimum, yet maximizes revenues when renting to large parties. The only problem is that these types of charter cats often have mediocre performance and sometimes dangerous behavior in challenging sea conditions. Often hulls and bridge decks pound against waves and older catamarans purchased from charter fleets for a bargain can end up being a nightmare to own. This is not to say that there aren't good charter cats around that one can obtain at a good price and still enjoy. However, one should never forget the purpose of the boat and the forces the sea can throw at you.

Swiss Made Sportboat Heads West

For a landlocked country,Switzerland has a considerable, technologically advanced boatbuilding industry. It may be because they're the present defenders of the America's Cup, but the more likely reason is its annual speedfest, the Bol d'Or Geneve, in which legions of cats, trapeze-equipped monos, and other over-canvassed rocketships race the length of Lake Geneva. The latest offspring from this scene, and one that will fit right in at the 2006 Bol d'Or (June 17 to 18), is the Esse 8.50. This one-design dayracer looks to us like a pleasing mix of Melges 24 and Wally yacht, especially with the optional teak flooring in the cockpit.

Planing and the Need for Speed

Lift Drag Angle Attack

*You are now in a position to understand why cats have less wetted surface and so less drag than monohulls. Less drag means more speed. Catamarans have a wider beam and hence greater initial stability, which means that they can fly taller sails without a likelihood of capsizing. More sails mean more drive means more speed.

South Pacific Tradition

Ancient Catamaran Boats

Catamarans have been around for at least three millennia. The traditional cats consisted of a double hull of logs connected by a rigid deck or platform. Westerners first learned of cats from an English adventurer in India, who wrote about them in the 1690s. The word catamaran is Tamil, and these vessels have long been associated with the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India cats have been recorded there since the fifth century CE. The cats that we know today more closely resemble those developed by Polynesian people, who spread across Oceania on large ocean-going catamarans from their origins in Asia or New Guinea about 3,000 years ago. The catamarans that Westerners discovered on the Indian coast and in the South Pacific were highly evolved ocean-going craft. In the 1870s they inspired Nathanael Herreshoff, a well-known and talented American naval architect and engineer who later went on to design a string of early America's Cup-winning boats. Herreshoff built cats that made people...

Noteworthy Multihulls

N the following chapter I have attempted to objectively present and illustrate some of the popular cruising catamarans which are available today. Purposely omitting custom boat builders, the multihulls in this section represent about 90 of today's production cats. In my quest to include all manufacturers, we have contacted yards and dealers around the world. This catalogue of cruising cats will permit the reader to glance at features and characteristics and quickly compare one model to the other.

Recovering from a capsize

When catamarans capsize, you can be in for some real excitement. If you aren't careful, you can get catapulted from the high side and land on the sail or the mast. See Chapter 7 for the basics on righting a capsized boat, but this section has tips just for cats. Recovering from a turtle is much harder than recovering from a regular capsize, when the mast stays horizontal on the water. If you're clever enough to still be high and dry on the upper hull, get off Your weight on the upper hull isn't helping the situation and may, in fact, be adding more pressure to sink the mast. Fortunately, most production cats have sealed mast sections or a float attached to the top of the mast that inhibits the boat turning turtle.

Pdq Antares

Details on different cats can be telltales of performance. The perky Outremer 45 (top, left) sports a bowsprit that allows asymmetric headsails to power up off the wind. The height of the bridgedeck above the water lets the Dolphin 460 (top, right) glide over the waves rather than crash into them. The PDQ (above) has hulls shaped to let it easily carry a dinghy in style off its stern davits.


Charterers Go Mad for Cats Message received, say charter companies, who are obliging customers' demands for more cats in fleets. St. Thomas-based CYOA has 15 cats in its fleet and is offering a special 10-percent discount on its three Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46s through December 19,2006. Sunsail offers a Caribbean summer catamaran special on departures between July 7 and October 31,2006, on cats up to 43 feet a 15-percent discount for charters of five to 13 days and 25 percent off trips of 14 days or longer. Also, the new generator-equipped and air-conditioned Lagoon 440 will join the B.V.I. fleet.


I learned about Alidade through two U.S.-based crewed-charter brokers, Meridian Charters ( and Nicholson Charters (www.yachtvacations. com). Nicholson handled all the arrangements beautifully, and on rather short notice. Many of Alidade's bookings also come through Catana Charter (, a department of Dream Yacht Charters that exclusively handles charters aboard Catana cats. It's an official partner of the Catana yard. T.M.

Clearance S

The Island Spirit Escape 40 delivers extreme adventure as you race over thewater in complete control, yet feel free as the wind. This yacht is adelight to sail and will definitely be a stand out for the adventuroussailor. Eastern Yachts is North America's exclusive distributor of IslandEscape catamarans. The best value in cats Call Stephen Cockcroft 804.815.5054.

Entry Procedures

The State of Hawaii does not allow pets to stay aboard. Within 72 hours of arrival they will be shipped (at your expense) by air to the Animal Quarantine Center in Honolulu where they must remain for 120 days unless you leave before that time has elapsed. The cost, borne by you, is about 2 per day for cats and 2.50 per day for dogs (1982). The total assessed fee must be paid in advance. If you leave Hawaii before the expiration of the 120-day period you can pick up your pet on leaving and request a refund for the balance.

Mug Race

Johns River, Florida Host organization The Rudder Club, Jacksoville, Fla. Website Start Just northeast of the Riverfront Inn, Palatka, Fla. (South Course), southeast corner of the Buckman Bridge, Jacksonville, Fla. (North Course) Finish South of the Buckman Bridge (both courses) Distance 38.4 miles Fleet size 119 boats (South Course), 19 boats (North Course) Boats entered Multihulls, from Hobie 16s to a 25- to 30-foot cats and tris, dominate the South Course. There's also dinghies and small keelboats. Any boat with greater than a 44-foot mast must sail the North Course. Overall winner Robert Lyman's RC 27 Daddio (South Course) and Jeff Knoll's Beneteau 41 Reasonable Advantage (North Course)

Configuration Types

Furling Mastless Mainsail

Above The fractional, or 7 8 rig, is the most commonly used on modern cruising cats. It has the advantage of featuring a shorter forestay as compared to a masthead rig, which allows less luff sag and because it lacks a permanent backstay, also permits fully roached mainsails.

Design Dynamics

If one thinks of an open bridgedeck-type of catamaran, images of Hobie Cats on one end of the spectrum, and giant-open ocean racing multihulls on the extreme end, come to mind. They have no fixed coachhouse roof and some of them, especially the small beach cats, only have nets strung between the hulls. Larger examples have partial composite platforms, which stiffen the structure and allow for cockpit seats and helm stations. Since without a solid coachhouse there is less boat to build, these multihulls will be generally lighter and have better aerodynamic properties than full bridgedeck-type cats. Large bridgedeck cats have the capacity and volume to carry most of the items you would find in your home. From dishwashers to the generators that power them, you can actually have it all. However, the desire to load up too much sometimes overburdens the vessel, compromising its performance.

Docking Under Power

Chris White Atlantic Opard

Maneuvering a multihull under sail in tight anchorages, or around docks, requires some practice, particularly with cruising cats that lack good crisp response to the helm. Give yourself some additional time and distance to turn, and be aware of how quickly a multihull can accelerate in a gust or come to a stop once headed into the wind. Play your main and jib just as you would with a monohull. However, it is best to approach a dock under power, with all sails dropped for maximum control.


Sailboat Reference Pictures

The Voyage 500 design is an evolution of the Norseman 43 that has been around for several years. Built in South Africa, the boat has vacuum-bagged, PVC-cored hulls with watertight compartments forward in both hulls, as is typical for modern cruising catamarans. Displacing 23,200 pounds, the 500 is not the lightest cat in the cruising fleet, but having fairly narrow hulls and a decent sized sailplan, allows the boat to move well, even in light winds. The interior styling of the 500 is clean and futuristic the owner's version features three double cabins with separate heads plus a small single cabin for crew. The Voyage 500 is one of the beamiest cats on the market with an overall beam-to-length ratio of 58 percent. The new 500 was given 10 inches of expanded beam in the hulls to improve buoyancy, and the bridgedeck was elevated three inches, which has considerably improved wave-slamming while sailing upwind. The main sheet traveler sits on a raised arch over the cockpit that also...


Daggerboard Trumk

Charter industry has a pronounced influence on the requirements and design of their fleet, setting standards for cats intended for private ownership. Design parameters for these vessels are often centered around 2-week multiple family vacations in the steady Trade Winds and daysails between closely spaced islands of the Caribbean. Obviously, the features of these keel catamarans put less demand on pure sailing performance or extreme upwind sailing characteristics instead they please by offering solid construction, liveaboard comfort and simple and reliable handling. a spiral of negative incidences. In general, especially on long passages, a daggerboard cat will have a slight edge on speed over her keel counterpart. Although it must be said that the speed difference between a daggerboard and mini keel catamaran can often be minor and compensated for by good seamanship, a clean bottom and a light boat. Generally speaking, however, daggerboard catamarans will always be slightly faster...



The Outremer line of catamarans belongs to one of the most proven and tested multihulls in the world. More than 160 of these performance-daggerboard cats have been constructed in a period of 25 years by the specialist builders from the south of France. Throughout virtually millions of ocean miles Outremers have demonstrated their seaworthiness and ability to safely sail through the worst weather. Centered weight, high bridgedeck clearance and efficient hulls provide excellent performance under sail or power. The new Outremer 42 is entirely infusion built and will out-rival equivalent length cats in handling and speed. Being able to order a custom interior greatly adds to the nature of these very special catamarans.


Hemisphere Catamaran

With the recent introduction of Allures in Cannes, France, the first of the Blubay 100 series of super cats has been launched. This mega catamaran can only be described in superlatives, as no expense has been spared to create not only one of the most beautiful and comfortable, but also the fastest superyacht in the world. Allures will be able to travel in excess of 35 knots rivaling any vessel at sea. Daggerboards can reduce her draft, providing access to shallow harbors, which would normally be denied to mega yachts of her size. Her designer, Jean-Jacques Costes, brings with him 30 years of big-

Model Maker

After the first few boats were built and racing it became obvious the F16 was a stellar performer. In races where the classes mix, doublehanded F16s now race boat-for-boat against F18s, while singlehanders race boat-for-boat with A cats. BOTY judge Meade Gougeon, who owns and races an A Class cat and is familiar with the pitfalls of high-performance multihulls, was likewise impressed with the Blade. This design appeared to be unusually forgiving when the leeward bow was stuffed in a wave at speed downwind, he says. I wouldn't have believed that this boat could have survived what it did if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Gougeon was also impressed with the boat's rig. For a 16-foot cat, this boat has a huge rig, a 30-foot mast that one would expect to see on much larger cats, such as a Tornado, says Gougeon. Its mast-height-to-waterline-length ratio (32 to 16) is 200 percent, which sets a record in my book. Twenty years ago such a ratio would've been considered impractical for heavy...

Letter Of The Month

As a Tornado sailor I find there's a dearth of publication of any sort regarding our branch of the sport. In the past year that I've been reading Sailing World there have been mainly articles about sailing technique and new gear for keelboats. It would be great to read about races, new boats, and gear specific to cats and dinghies. I thoroughly enjoy reading your publication, but it could be that much better if you broadened your coverage.

Basilaki Island

Papua New Guinea Electrification Plan

BUTCHART ISLAND Going ashore here we found three beautiful Siamese cats. In our ignorance we almost took one as a pet until it dawned on us that this island is the garden for Tubetube Village and the cats were there to keep the rats down. Permission should be gained from a village elder before going to Butchart Island where the anchorage is only acceptable during calm to light conditions.

Catamaran Special

Menorca Sailing Monohull

Modern cats have benefited from the oops moments of these pioneers, and they're now considered at least as safe as monohulls. The first question out of the mouths of visitors aboard catamarans isn't 'Will it tip over ' says Hugh Murray, president of The Catamaran Company, which handles cats in every capacity, from new-boat dealer to used-boat broker to charter broker. We haven't The most popular cats bear out this dynamic. Their predominant features are an abundance of living space aboard a stable platform. Despite the inherent potential in the configuration, cruising catamarans, just like cruising monohulls, aren't built for

The North Coast

Because of shallow water, you can't anchor any farther north than the former airport anchorage near the red marker, but you might want to visit some of the motus on the northwest barrier reef. The airport motu, Motu Mute, is pleasant for a stroll. At the west end of Motu Mute is the relatively new Marina Hotel, with 30 bungalows, a very pleasant open-air barrestaurant and a white sand beach. The Marina Hotel has a mostly Japanese clientele. The hotel has the usual glass-bottom boat tours, excursions to motus, and rental watersports equipment, including Hobie Cats, 1,200 francs per hour and sail-boards, 800 francs per hour. Rates for the hotel are 5,500 francs for a single, and 6,100 francs double or with all meals included, 8,500 for one person 12,100 for two.

Critical Issues

The price of speed is accidents, as Dick Newick says. Lightweight racers, such 60' trimarans or the new Volvo Extreme 40 class will behave completely different in storm conditions than your average cruising catamaran. Even trimarans handle unlike cats. Racers take calculated risks to push speeds to unbelievable levels. While these boats do end up upside down from time to time, rarely is anyone hurt. Of course, the journalists and photographers who are present at most races make every effort to publicize pictures of the spectacular mishaps or breakups, crashes and back flips whenever they happen. And no wonder, in view of the sensational nature of the capsize, reports attract the occasional tragic news headline. The news media is perverse to them Bad News is Good News. Interestingly, these accident reports seem to fuel the multihull sport and attract even more followers and extreme racing designs to the circuit. Nevertheless, we have to be grateful to these pilots and their machines,...

Upwind Sailing

Good momentum helps draw you through a tack smoothly. All tris and most highperformance cruising cats with daggerboards tack with little effort. The balance of the cruising multihulls now on the market come about less quickly (especially if they have excessive windage), but usually without problems. Vintage cruising cats tend to come about in a rather stately fashion. Light winds with choppy seas are always a bit of a challenge, since it's hard to gather the momentum needed to overcome the seas in those conditions. You might occasionally have to backwind the jib to avoid being caught in irons, but the technique should only be employed if necessary, since it tends to slow your progress.

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