Coliumo-15- Talcahuano-50 Trana Charts

UK 1319, 3074 US 22290, 22311 Chile 600, 611, 612

Lights approach

1796 Punta Tumbes 36°36'-9S 73°06'-6W F1.5s36ml8M Siren (3)30s

White round metal tower, red bands 6m 028°-vis-273°

1797 Morro Lobería 36°34'-8S 72°59'-7W F1.10s79m9M White GRP tower, red bands 4m 332°-vis-200°

1798 Isla Quinquina 36°36'-3S 73°02'-9W F1.10s89m32M Siren(2)30s

Nr. North end White metal tower, red bands 7m 048°-vis-015°

1802 Punta Arenas 36°38'-3S 73°03'-2W Fl(3)9s7m6M

White metal mast, red bands 6m 192°-vis-035° Harbour

1814 Banco Belén 36°41'-6S 73°04'-8W Q(3) lOslOmlOM

Black GRP tower, yellow band 8m. Ra Rfl. To the south

1764 Isla Santa Maria 36°59'-2S 73°32'-0W F1.15s72ml8M

White GRP tower, red bands 8m 006°-vis-344° RDF beacons

3794 Constitución 35°18'-22S 72°23'-00W c/s CTX'

340kHz 1-OkW 24hrs 3796 Isla Quinquina, Punta de Faro 36°36'-56S 73°02'-80W c/s QINA 315kHz 160M 24hrs

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