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Churches are usually referred to as cultes in Tahiti. There are many denominations Protestant, Paofai Temple (18) on the waterfront west of the Yacht Quai, and Temple B thel, Rue E. Ahnne Catholic, the Cath drale (43), Place Notre Dame in the center of town, and Eglise de la Mission, Rue de l'Ev ch , and Eglise Ste. Th r se, Cours de l'Union Sacr e (third street east of Avenue du Cdt. Chess ) Adventist, Temple, Cours de l'Union Sacr ae Mormon, Temple located on the chart in east side of town), Avenue du Cdt. Chess Jehovah's Witnesses, Salle du Royaume, Cours de l'Union Sacr e and others. Most services are on Sunday morning in Tahitian or French. Paofai Temple (18) has an English service. You are welcome to attend any service, but dress conservatively and follow local habits regarding seating. Men and women may be on opposite sides of the church. The singing, or himenes, are outstanding, as are photographic possibilities outside the church before and after the service. Everyone's...

Visiting Ancient Ruins

Upwards, with layer after layer of succeeding civilizations being deposited over previous strata. Sometimes Byzantine-era churches were converted into mosques stone blocks from Greek temples or Roman aqueducts toppled by earthquakes later were reassembled into house foundations, or used to construct Crusader castles. open-air theater, odeum (small roofed theater, also used for town meetings, lectures, concerts), bouleterion (town hall), nymphaion (fountains), necropolis (cemeteries, with tombs of all types from simple box-like affairs to free-standing sarcophagi, to very elaborate sculpted Lycian colossal house-or temple-tombs cut into rock cliffs), shops and house foundations, mosaic floors, marble-paved walkways, triumphal archways, commemorative statues, brothels, lavatories, sewer systems, ancient harbor configurations, often including now-sunken breakwaters and even ancient shipyards, Byzantine churches, some later converted into mosques, with Turkish carpets on the floor and an...

History And Facts

The island's most important crops formerly were copra and vanilla, both of which have declined in importance today. Cows, pigs, and chickens are raised for profit and the island has dairy and egg farms. Governmental service occupies a number of citizens, as does commerce and fishing. Most Raiateans are Protestant, although there's a Catholic church in Uturoa.

Espiritu Santo Island

Aoba Espiritu Santo

Also called Aoba and Omba Island, Oba lies off Espiritu Santo and measures 38 kilometres long by 14 kilometres across. There are Roman Catholic, Church of Christ and Melanesian Churchs on the island, the latter being at Lolowai at the eastern end where the best harbour will be found.

Treasury Islands to southern tip of New Ireland including the entire east coast of Bougainville Island and Buka Pass

Stirling Island

With about 700 inhabitants, Falamai Village is under the influence of the Uniting Church so much so that services are held in the church every night except Thursday. On that day they hold services in private homes. As one who is a little skeptical of religious intent and the results therefrom, I must admit to having my eyes opened here. There is no question about it, Falamai is an example of religion or rather Christianity working perfectly and exactly how everyone thinks it should work. There is harmony, peace, consideration and absolute conviction of what is right and what is wrong. It is an education to any outsider. And if you enjoy the harmony of native voices expressing their conviction with the power of an American soul singer, then a visit to the church is an absolute must. Fakamai Village church where service is held every night except Thursday on which day services are held in the homes.

Cabo De Gata Anchorages

Anchor off the village of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata and its conspicuous tower in 5m of sand some 200m off the coast. One can also anchor 100m off PI ay a de los Corrales further to the SE in sand, well sheltered from N and E. There is a sheltered anchorage 150m NW of Cabo de Gata light in 5m sand and stone, or about 400m offshore in 10m. There is a small settlement and conspicuous church by the saltworks on the road to San Miguel de Gata. Tunny nets are sometimes laid in this area.

Placencia Harbor And Settlement Chart Identifications

Anglican Church & School If you want to dine ashore, there are several small restaurants to choose from. Most are located just off the sidewalk, and all serve fine home-cooked meals. Sonny's Bar and Restaurant is a popular evening dining and drinking place among tourists. A sign points the way down a sandy lane west of the church to the Stone Crab Restaurant. They specialize in seafood and local Creole dishes. The Galley is an open-air cafe with views out to the sea through palms. Its menu has shrimp, venison, conch, fresh fruit juices, and a seaweed punch that is thick like a vanilla milkshake. The Galley does not serve alcohol, but you may bring your own wine or beer.

The Rcc Pilotage Foundation

The sheer number of small islands, the distances and the geography limit tourism and trade. Here you cease to be a tourist and become a traveller, welcomed for who you have become, not what you bring. Gifts once again are gifts, in kind or skill, not barter. In the countryside local customs, religion and rituals remain very strong, and the hierarchical structure is integral to life. The people are understanding, patient and proud to include and involve you - from church, to lunch, to ceremony, to fixing the lawnmower. Time is relevant only to the rhythm of life the tides, the weather and the setting sun are the minutes, hours and days of these islands.


Old Pictures Arawa Town

COAST TEOP TO BUKA PASSAGE The character of the land changes here from one of beach front to low steep limestone cliffs topped with dense jungle. There are numerous caves with a scattering of beaches and here and there houses will be seen with a substantial looking church about five miles south east of Buka.

Ouvea Island around miles long by only f

Few metres wide at its narrowest and around three miles wide at its widest. Of upthrust limestone rising to a maximum height of 46 metres it is 160 square kilometres in area and it sits along the eastern edge of a vast lagoon whose remaining perimeters are guarded by a string of reefs and islets. The lagoon provides hundreds of square kilometres of calm water sailing through emerald green waters over fine white sand bottom which appears to be completely free of any isolated coral head threatening navigation. The depth tends to vary between seven and forty metres and the continuous white beach permits anchorage anywhere There are countless large churches, a few small inhabited centres and a main settlement called Fayaoue shared between 2500 inhabitants. A sealed road connects the centres and a native village style hotel looks after the tourists who are blessedly few and far between still. FACILITIES More than anything, the soul is catered for here, there being at least twelve and...

Tahiti Subchapter

Heading eastward from the Papara district, outside the reef, you'll pass a picturesque gorge with two churches below it, then The Protestant church in Papara near P.K. 36 has the grave of Dorence Atwater, an American Civil War hero who later married a Papara princess and became U.S. Consul to Tahiti.

Hienghene Hb is one of the prettiest

Places imagineable being the delta of a small river which empties into the sea from high, steep mountains in the immediate background, Most impressive are the two fang-like rocks at the harbour entrance named Sphynx and Brooding Hen and collectively called The Towers, The town of Hienghiene with a population of about 2000 lies spread around the west bank of the river whilst the white church of Ovare Mission nestles against the mountain in the north west corner. OVARE MISSION CHURCH IN HIENGHENE HARBOUR. GENERAL STORE AND FUEL DEPOT, HIENGHENE.


Wine, beautiful churches and memories of my Viennese parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, all long dead, and the stories that they'd told. Mysterion IV was hauled out near the incongruous monster of the Hilton Danube Vienna Hotel, in the Marina Wien, and I returned home for the winter.

Baleine Passage



Caldas de Malavella, a small place inland from Tossa with ruins of old Roman baths and an old church. Romany a de la Selva where there is a Megalithic tomb. The village is located behind San Feliu de Guixols. Girona, the largest and most important town in the area, originally a Roman settlement where many old churches can be seen, together with old buildings and walls dating from the time of the Moors. There is a cathedral, several museums and a castle. Ullastret, not far from L'Estartit which has some Iberian and Greek remains and an 11 th-century church.

Panama Balboa

It was first settled in 1515 because the cool winds of the Gulf make its climate more benign than the mainland. Pizarro sailed from there with one hundred eighty men to conquer the Incas of Peru. Spanish treasure ships later anchored in the cove waiting to trans-ship their gold across the isthmus. The tiny church in the plaza is said to be the second oldest church in the western hemisphere. The French used the island as an R&R camp during their period of canal construction. About two miles distant, and still within Balboa, is the plaza with banks and cafeteria, a post office, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and churches. In the center of the Plaza Cuna Indians sell beautiful hand-sewn reverse applique molas . They make fine wall hangings and sell for between five and ten dollars ( 40 plus in the U.S.). Nice woven goods from Ecuador are also sold.

The Language

The village scene is very much alive in the Solomon Islands. All settlements - except those controlled by a large company or that has grown into a major centre - consist of thatched houses with perhaps one building of European materials. Usually this building is a copra storage shed or a church. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF VILLAGES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY, ALL SUPERB EXAMPLES OF SIMPLE BUSH ENGINEERING, EUROPEAN MATERIAL IS SEEN ONLY IN THEIR CHURCHES AND COPRA SHEDS. In many ways, Christianity does successfully replace many of the taboos of the past and thus it continues to hold the village community together. In the past, a youth may not have dared leave his clan because it had been instilled in him that behind every tree is an enemy who will kill him. Now, he does not leave the village because the church has given him the chance for education right there or the government has encouraged some village industry.

Approaches to OnoBA

If one does not wish to enter the reef because of poor light, a safe approach may be made south of Alacrity Rocks directly into Nabouwalu Bay. At the head of Nabouwalu Bay is a two story church that has replaced a church with a bell tower, dial was used as a transit mark before 1992. Providing that the new church is equally conspicuous as the old, a course of 113 with this church in transit with the lefi lower summit of hill (338), and a prominent black rocky outcrop on die hill close northward of the village, will lead about 70 metres south of the dangers south of Alacrity Rocks, and about 200 metres north of the isolated shoal about 0.5 miles from the mouth of the bay.(Vicw 9)

Cebu Strait

Large vessels may anchor with Tagbilaran Church bearing 317 , the prominent round-topped hill, 5 145 m (475 ft) high, bearing 013 , and Mount Biking bearing 248 , in a depth of 35 m or 37 m (19 or 20 fin). Care must be taken to avoid a pinnacle rock, with a depth of less than 1'8 m (6 ft) over it lying in the approach to this anchorage, 2 miles SE of Tagbilaran 10 Church.


C3 The directions given in the Admiralty Pilot provide all that is needed by the yachtsman. The approach from the north, inside the reef, is uncomplicated. The main entrance from the eastward, Na Tubari, is well marked by leads (a green strip and a green cross on the church), and has a light and beacon on the reefs either side. The most convenient anchorage for a yacht is in front of the church in about 10 metres. An alternative anchorage can be found in the area northeast of Nasova Point.

Baie De Kanumera

We anchored in the lee of Kama peninsula in 4 metres, sand bottom. From this anchorage we sailed across to Vao for our visits to the village. Taking a line on the church we anchored in 5 metres, sand bottom in front of the shrine to St. Maurice. A track leads from the shrine, which is surrounded by a pallisade of carved logs, to the village. At the tar-sealed road turn left for the P.O., Medical Clinic and grocery store with petrol pump. Keep straight on for the Church and Catholic Mission School. Turn right for a second small store, craft kiosk (third road on the left after Lourdes Shrine) and Baie des Pirogues.

Port Pueu

Entering the Port Pueu lagoon in the well-marked channel, you'll pass a dock jutting out from Faraari Point. The reef is close to shore in this section. Then, the beautiful bay of Pueu, with its classic white church, comes into view. Watch out for coral that extends from shore, shown by three red markers. You can anchor in front of the white-latticed church with its wrought-iron gates that have large white anchor symbols This looks like a perfect anchorage, but it is nearly 98 feet deep almost smack on shore. The bottom is mud and sand with fine holding characteristics. In Pueu village is a Mairie, snack shop, small store, and a Total gas station. A water spigot is near the church.

Nueva Gerona

Nueva Gerona is the capital of the Isla de la Juventud. The approaches from seaward are unattractive (through a small commercial port area) but the city itself is pretty and less run down than most Cuban cities, with one or two fine colonial homes and a lovely little church on the central plaza. What is more, within easy walking distance of the dock the city has a group of dollar stores (including a reasonably stocked supermarket), ice cream (the first the children had seen in a month), gas and diesel, a farmers' market (the agromercado), and various other facilities and supplies. Water is available on the dock used by visiting boats. Propane can be obtained (with difficulty - it involves talking one office into issuing the paperwork, and then traveling several miles out of 3. Church

The Haap Ai Islands

CHURCH handicrafts In trade and corned beef, medications, magazines and clothing are often requested in exchange. Trade in such goods should not be relied upon as a source of provisions. On Sunday work is strictly tapu , so be unobtrusive. You will be welcome at church. In 1975 a miraculous cross appeared burnt in the grass outside the Methodist Church at Pangai, the spot Is now outlined in concrete. Not far from this church, opposite the football pitch, is a large white house, which Is the Royal Residence. , . ' ' At TJlha village on 'Ulha Island there are two fairytale churches with pink spires. Also in this village Is the ancient Royal Burial Ground and at the Wesleyan church a cannon from 'Port au Prince . On the NE side of the island Is an ancient monument of eight connected stones, called Makahokovalu.

Bohol Southern Coast

Three prominent landmarks are a round-topped 20 hill, 145 m (475 ft) high, 1 miles E of Tagbilaran Church Tayong Peak, 506 m (1,659 ft) high and conical, situated among a group of mountains, 4 miles NE of Loay (10.128), 94 miles E of Tagbilaran and Mount Gorda (10.129), 3 cables N of Gorda 25 Point, 11 miles farther E.

Religious practice

The naval ordinance of 1681 stipulated that all vessels making sea voyages were to carry a chaplain approved by the captain.1 In fact, only the king's vessels carried chaplains. Any members of religious orders aboard merchantmen travelling between France and New France were merely passengers. The church was unable to supply the captains of all the vessels with chaplains, and many crew lists ended with a note that it had been The seamen and passengers prayed to God when they were in danger and they also thanked him for safe journeys. One captain concluded his log with a grateful God be praised , and the passengers of a vessel that arrived in Quebec City in September 1753 attended a thanksgiving mass the next day for their safe voyage.6 The seamen's special devotion to Saint Anne probably explains their custom of saluting the church at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupr with several cannon shots as they sailed by.7 jected to the missionaries' questioning. Seamen, who were not so proud or so...

Dress in Port

How you dress when in port depends not only on the weather, but also on your activities. Casual and comfortable is generally the best way to dress. Since a lot of people will be going to the beach or partaking in other outdoor activities, even sloppy is usually an acceptable way to go. However, one should keep in mind that Mexican culture is basically conservative. Although the residents of the major ports are used to tourist attire and don't pay much attention to how visitors dress in tourist zones, beachwear or skimpy attire will be frowned upon in downtown areas and especially outside of the cities in small towns and rural areas. If you are doing a lot of sightseeing, it's likely that part of your touring will include a church or cathedral and there, especially, showing a lot of skin is not acceptable. Proprietors of small retail establishments will also likely frown on a lack of proper dress.


This is the first town of any size that you will encounter going up the east coast. It is easily spotted from seaward by its church, which has a green roof. The chart shows a white, green, and red sector light that provides a nighttime range through the channel between Cayes du Sans Souci and Cayes du Vauclin. This is strictly for small-boat fishermen returning or for someone who really knows the area. It should not be attempted by yachtsmen under any circumstances among other things, if you're running downwind with a big swell, steering control would be minimal.


To enter, bring the houses on the western side of town to bear about 015 magnetic and keep a good lookout to starboard. Once the reef is abeam to starboard, head northeast toward the church, round up, and anchor wherever it is convenient. There are about 9 feet of water in the harbor.


Closer to the port the white tower at the end of the N breakwater and the large cranes arc visible from some distance off, as is the white minaret of the Grand mosque, with the Catholic church spire nearby. If arriving from the tideless Mediterranean, do not forget that currents and tides are an important consideration here. (See section Transiting the Straits page .33.) Strong currents and overfalls are present near the E entrance to the Bay of Tanger, especially around HW. Two buoys near the entrance mark a rock and Roche Bouree, a small sandbank. By night

Finding Nene

Nene's home on the water is a multigenerational site directly parallel with the landmark wreck in the channel of San Andres, brought there by Nene's grandfather as salvage in the 1930s. His original Forefathers came to start the first Baptist church on the island, then stayed to become fishermen and seamen. His yard had numerous nautical objects, including a mast, which we hoped would fit for a sleeve. Unfortunately, the sections were not the right size. Now our mast and spars joined the polyglot assemblage in the back yard under the mangrove trees.


Cooks Bay is also called Paopao, after the name of the district surrounding the bay. The town of Paopao, located at the head of the bay, has several stores. The eastern shore of the bay has a ferry pier, hotels and restaurants. The western shore is deserted except for a church and a shady cove much used by locals for fishing and launching pirogues. Pineapple plantations cover some of the lower hillsides, fruit trees line the sides of the bay. By far the most popular anchorage among cruising yachts is at the head of the bay, near the village of Paopao. You can anchor close to town, convenient for picking up supplies or on the bay's eastern side, close to the Club Bali Hai, restaurants and boutiques or on the western side near the church for a quieter setting. Do not go too close to the beach at the bay's head since reef and mud flats extend out aways. A water spigot is at the Paopao town dock, but you need about a 100-foot-long hose to reach it while remaining in deep water. Water can...

Telephone Service

Telegraph services are available in Belize City by Belize Telecommunication Limited located on Church Street. In Mexico, telegraph offices are usually located near post offices and have similar hours. The telegraph sevice has three rates depending on class and speed of service desired. An extra urgent (extra urgente) telegram will be sent immediately, an urgent (urgente) telegram will go out that day, and a regular (ordinario) telegram will go out the next day at the latest. The charge per ordinary word is about 20 cents U.S.

Transits or ranges

If there is no formal transit, there is nothing to stop you lining up two conspicuous charted objects and working out your own. A church lined up with a pier end is a wonderful transit, as is the cliff edge of an island brought in line with a buoy (Fig 18.3). There is no end to the transits an imaginative observer can find. Buoys drift


The City Water Taxi provides excellent service for getting around town. Of course, Bean Town fairly teems with history. The Freedom Trail, a red-brick line to 16 historic sites, will take you to Paul Revere's House, the Old North ( One if by land, two if by sea ) Church, and Faneuil Hall, the old marketplace where citizens once gathered to talk up the Revolution, and where they now gather to eat, drink and shop. 'Die trail ends at the dock of the USS Constitution, better known as Old Ironsides, for the way British cannonballs bounced off her heart-of-oak hull.


Marys is the southernmost port of call along Georgia's hundred-mile coastline. Established in 1788, St. Marys grew to be a busy commercial seaport in the 1800s. The oak tree that patriots planted to commemorate the death of Washington in 1799 is still thriving, and the bell in the steeple of the 1808 Presbyterian Church was cast by Paul Revere himself.

Decorative Work

A ship's figurehead or carved frieze was rarely accorded the same fate as a church statue, choir stall or bas-relief. Where these latter have often found their proper places in museums, the former generally ended up in the breaker's yard as firewood. The Royal Caroline carvings were carried out, as we have seen, by one of the most esteemed artisans in this field. We believe that they were of excellent quality, both from the express recognition accorded him by the dockyard in its correspondence with the Navy Board, and because of the particular commitments that a work of such prestige would have imposed on any artist. Chapman's drawing reflects this impression of high quality. It was probably taken from the artist's design, very likely to scale (we do not think that Chapman's drawing was taken from life, that is, from the finished ship). The carvings certainly represented a very fine example of eighteenth century high relief delicate, pleasing and perfectly finished.

Cultures and poverty

The matter of dress and appearance is important in many countries and can be taken as a reflection of your worth and standing. If you go ashore in cut-off shorts and a dirty T-shirt you are not likely to be treated with the same respect as someone who takes a bit of time to don long trousers and a shirt. This is a difficult one because you know that what you wear on board at sea means nothing in terms of how you cope with the sea and its dangers and many of us would like to think that somehow our intrinsic worth shines through. It does not. Things will be a lot smoother ashore if you make an effort to look neat and tidy and don't offend the norms and mores of the local population. For many Muslim societies it is offensive for men and especially women to show flesh around the mid-riff and a lot of leg. In some Muslim societies women should wear a head scarf. When visiting any religious temple or shrine modest and neat attire is expected and appropriate. You wouldn't walk into a church...

Mataro Votive Plans

The mainmast was perpendicular to the waterline, reinforced with wool-dings and supported laterally by eight shrouds turned in and linked to the channels with deadeyes and lanyards. This system was taken from a high relief work which can be seen in the church of San Nicolas in Burgos, carved between 1480 and 1503. The shrouds were fitted with ratlines. The mainmast carried a circular top whose base rested on trestletrees.


So far as I know, this, too, is seldom visited by yachtsmen. There is no harbor whatsoever. If the trades are not blowing too hard, an anchorage can be had west of the reefs extending to the west of Church Cay. A Bahamian moor will be required here, since the current runs strongly through the break between Battowia and Baliceaux. I am told by the fishermen that a landing by dinghy can be made in the cove on the southeast corner of the island. Here, in the past, small boats would land to drop off and pick up supplies. The island was a sugar island, the only reminder of which is a ruined smokestack at the head of the cove. This is the island where the British detained several thousand Carib tribesmen captured on St. Vincent in the eighteenth century. Now Battowia is uninhabited, but it remains a delightful place to visit when the weather permits.

Vaiea Village

Most yachts continue toward the village and anchor nearly opposite the prominent church, or just north of there, watching out for isolated coral heads. The bottom is white sand, depths about 12 feet. The water is occasionally cloudy, perhaps because current stirs up the fine sand bottom. Gendarmerie There isn't one. The Mairie is the lovely thatch-roofed double building that looks like a guest cottage, just north of the church. Check in here with the Mayor or his secretary when you arrive. Maupiti is not a port of entry or exit, therefore you cannot get clearance papers for the next country you will visit. Nor can you get your bond money returned. Most Dinghy Landing The best spot is at the school's small pier, just south of the church.


Pilot suggests anchoring in Tohautu (Toahautu) Bay, which is just inside Teputo Pass. This generally deep area is more exposed than the enclosed bays farther north. However, there is a very protected anchorage off the east shore behind Pt. Poriro, a spit that juts out just below Farei Hill with private homes on it. A coral-free passage leads into this pleasant cove. It is south of the red-roofed Mediterranean-style house visible from the pass. Toahautu village has a big church, the Temple of Toahautu, and a small Chinese store.

Looking Forward

Given a difficult and isolated history, the balance that Palmerston is working toward today is remarkable. Palmerston is in fact a social experiment in the works. Aside from the church one would expert to find in the center of the island, Palmerston boasts a schoolhouse for its current 16 pupils, a central administration and an Internet connection and phone. Hut it is not blindly marching toward modernization. The islanders have discussed satellite television, for example, and for the present time, have decided against it. Indeed, the Palmerston islanders cling to their historical roots, maintain a strict Christian belief system, and still settle island matters through the traditional island council, which consists of the two eldest members of each family branch. Since no Polynesians were living here when Wil We came to see Tere and Yvonne Marsters as the embodiment of the balance between tradition and modernity. Educated in New Zealand and Australia, Terc devotes his time to making...

Siros Syros N E

Arinc Frequency Map

The bay may be approached by passing SW or N of Nisis Dhidhimi (Nisis Gaidharos). 14.34 Tinos (37 32'N., 25 10'E.), a resort town, stands at the SW side of the island and has a conspicuous church situated close N of it. The town is fronted by a small harbor protected by two breakwaters. Anchorage off the harbor is not recommended, but in an emergency, vessels should moor, in depths of 30 to 35m, sand, about 300m SSW of the head of the S breakwater. The harbor has extensive facilities for small craft and yachts. A main berth, 180m long, has depths of 5 to 10m alongside and is used by coasters.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Water Ways

City-wide holiday celebration captivates visitors of all ages. Famed mansions, quaint churches, and Colonial homes feature magnificent decorations and symbolic luminaria. Concerts. Candlelight tours, Festival of Trees. Turtle Frolic, Holy Ball and visits from St. Nick. Newport (401) 847-1000 1-800-976-5122

Mont Ta Ma Rutqfa

Recreation Be sure to visit Papetoai's octagonal church. This church was first constructed in 1822, later rebuilt. It claims to be the oldest church in the South Pacific that has been in continuous use. The church usurped the site of Taputauatea Marae, the same name as Raiatea's most sacred marae, where the god Oro was worshipped. This church served as headquarters for the missionaries of the London Missionary Society (LMS), who arrived in the early 19th century. From here, Christianity spread throughout the islands that were later to become French Polynesia. Today, the church is in excellent condition and is a pleasure to visit, especially its bright interior with lovely stained glass windows and chandeliers, neat rows of dark varnished pews, and a spectacular view seaward. A burial ground and bell tower are in the church courtyard. Octagonal Church, Papetoai, Moorea E. Shore Opunohu Bay, Moorea, showing lower range marker Octagonal Church, Papetoai, Moorea E. Shore Opunohu Bay,...

Aifa Basin

The fourth bay is even closer to Mataieia's village and is also a good anchorage. It's just inside Aifa Pass, west of the stone church. The firm black sand bottom offers fine holding in about 40-foot depths, or anchor in about 60-foot depths in front of the church, as the French and U.S. Pilots recommend. Mataiea village, about 46.5. The village has a Mairie, public telephone, church, and a school. Several interesting churches are located along this coast. The Eglise Saint-Jean Baptiste, near P.K. 44, is a Catholic church built of coral stones in 1857, the oldest church of this construction in Tahiti. English poet Rupert Brooke rented a house just east of this church in the early 1900's, fell in love with his landlady's daugh Saint Jean-Baptiste Catholic Church, Mataiea near P.K. 44, Tahiti

Entry Procedures

Officials will want to know where you have come from how long you will stay where your next destination is after French Polynesia are you and the crew healthy and where you are anchored. In Papeete, you must be either at the Yacht Quai or anchored off the church, not at the Yacht Club or Maeva Beach.

RABI Rambi

An old dock with a copra shed gives access to Baukonikai village where you should report to the village policeman or warden. The church is worth a visit and you will see examples of Gilbert Island outrigger canoes and perhaps even a traditional house, although these are few.

Manava Passage

Vatia Wharf Fiji

Approaching around the north end of Ovalau the passage inside the reef is wide and clear. If coming in from sea the pass through the reef is marked by a light-tower on the southern side and two fixed green leading lights. The leading lights are on the church tower and the hill behind on a heading of 263 deg. True.

The North Coast

After passing through the very shallow waters of Bora's northeast corner, you can carefully cut inland again toward the deeper water near the village of Anau. You could anchor here in moderate depths of 7 to 10 meters. Anau has a church, school and small store, usually with bread and canned goods. Along the road on either side are some tiny stands where the local

Onoiau Pass

The least depth we found in the pass is about 25 feet. Once inside the pass, the water becomes smooth, with depths of 20 to 40 feet, as you pass between the two islands. After passing the islands, the water in the fully marked channel becomes shallower, but nowhere does it become less than 10 feet deep. At the north end of Pitahe I., the channel turns northeast, then verges north at the north end of Tiapaa I. It makes minor jogs nearing the prominent cliffs and the village. Watch the markers carefully and stay in the middle of the channel. The markers end as you near town. Pass by the concrete dock and anchor off the church. The dock is in shallow water, it's dusty and there's surge.


Church The port area for vessels drawing less than 1 -8m. Keep heading for the hill, leaving Punta Brava almost lAM to port (i.e. passing to the NW of it). Once you are south of Cayo Conuco you will be able to see a red beacon (No. 11) to the SW. You make a broad arc around to the south, passing just to the west of the beacon (15m), and then heading towards the church spire (approximately 164 ). The controlling depth of T6m at low tide occurs as you round the beacon (we carried l -8m with some bumping).

South Carolina

Among the multitude of fascinating historic sites are the Slave Mart Museum on Chalmers Street, the palatial 1817 Aiken Rhett House on Elizabeth Street, the 1876 Calhoun Mansion on Meeting Street, and Catfish Row along Church Street, which inspired Gershwin's opera, Porgy and Bess. Beaufort that's bew-fert as in beautiful as opposed to the North Carolina Beaufort, which is pronounced bo-fert was founded in 1711. The many antebellum mansions survived the war owing mainly to the Union's occupation from early on in the conflict, though they did burn the home of Thomas Heyward, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. You can tour his tomb in the shadow of the ruins. Surgeons used St. Helena's Episcopal Church as a hospital its flat tombstones became operating tables. Now, many of these palatial homes are bed-and-break-fasts, like the Rhett House Inn. There are some delightfully casual seafood