From the south The low promontory of Cabo de la Huerta, backed by Monte de las Matas (190m), is conspicuous. Give the headland ¬°AM berth as an underwater reef runs out SE-ly from it. The coast northwards is low, flat and dull with a long, sandy beach and seaside villages backed by high-rise buildings.

The (usually dry) mouth of the Rio Montenegre (or de Castella) is just S of Punta del Rio which is low and flat but has a group of high-rise buildings. The harbour

can be recognised by a grey/black tower block with red sun blinds on its SW side and an old tower with 2 creamy coloured high rise buildings to its NW. From the north The harbour and town of Villajoyosa are easily recognised. The coast to S is of broken cliffs with small coves and small hills inland. La Illeta is quite low and inconspicuous but the harbour can be recognised by the 2 creamy-coloured high-rise buildings to the NW of the old tower and harbour.

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