The approach is shallow. A shallow, rocky area lies to E of the harbour culminating in Islote, a small islet 350m to E-NE of the entrance. A larger rocky island, Isleta, lies 700m to S of the entrance with a reef stretching NW to the coast.

From the south From Altea which can be recognised by its harbour and the town on a hill, which is crowned by a church with two blue domes, the sandy coast runs in a N-NE direction and is backed by a range of hills. Cabo Negrete and the Puerto de la Olla de Altea will only be recognised if close to the shore. In the approach from this direction it is advisable to pass outside Isleta which lies 550m off the shore and then turn on to a N course and approach the harbour, sounding carefully with a lookout posted forward. From Isleta the harbour should be seen, backed by the rocky MontaƱa Bernia (1129m) which is a pyramid shape. In the closer approach, the triple-arched gateway may be seen behind the harbour wall.

From the north Cabo Toix which is steep-to and the large harbour of Puerto Mascarat are easily recognised. Keep outside the 10m depth contour which lies some 400m from the shore until 100m NE of Isleta. The harbour lies in a N direction and a direct approach can

be made from here towards the entrance, sounding carefully and with a lookout forward.

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