From all directions the entrance to Rada de Cartagena is made obvious by the high steep reddish cliffs of Cabo

New works at Esperanza - from SE

Straightforward but check that there are no large vessels entering or leaving port.


Tinoso to the W and Islote de Escombrera to the E. The large oil refinery near this island is visible from afar. A large chimney, with black top and white band is conspicuous between Castillo de San Juan and Punta de San Antonio. There is vast construction work going on to enlarge the port of Escombrera. The passage between the Islote and Punta del Borracho has been closed while an 800 metre breakwater now runs NW from the west point of the Islote.

From the west The course goes past Puerto de Algameca Grande, a naval port on the W side of the Rada de Cartagena which is prohibited to yachts. Large unlit mooring buoys are located opposite Algameca Grande and Chico. A firing range exists to the S of this port and submarines exercise in the area. From the east From Cabo de Palos follow the land keeping a good watch out for fish farms, which proliferate in this area especially off Portman and Cala de Gorguel. Pass south of Cabo del Agua and Islote de Escombreras and steer parallel to the new breakwater until the entrance to Cartagena proper opens up. It is recommended to keep well clear of all the ongoing construction work Although the port may be still used in dire emergency one will normally be sent away to the marina.


Castillo de los Moros

Castillo de la Concepción

Bullring Hospital


Darsena Pesguero

Santa Lucía

Puerto .» Pesquero f^ZÑjerto Navale

Muellellde Alfonso Xjj

FI(4)G.12sM; 5m1M


FK2+DG. 16s5m1M


FI(3)R.9s 5m1M

0131-3 77

Navales Muelle de .Carbón

Castillo de Galeras (200)

Ensenada de Espalmador 1Grande

Ensenada Rodríguez

Dique de Navidad

Pta de Jfi Sa Antonio

FI(2)R.10s 15m10M


Algameca Chica

Pta de la Calavera

Punta de la Podadera

'ala Cortina

Bajo de Trinca Botijasl 5

M Magnetic ü Calibration , Station

Pta de Trinca Botijas

Pta de Las Losas,

Depths in Metres

Plan 31a Berths

Go to the Marina, some surge from ships.

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