Bus service along the coast. "S Area code 950.

Puerto de Adra

Torre de Perdigones l (40)

Depths in Metres if 0c(3)10-5s 49m 16M

Torre de Perdigones l (40)


Depths in Metres if 0c(3)10-5s 49m 16M


An open coastal anchorage some 100m off the beach in 5m sand and pebbles, opposite the low Torre de Balerma which has a few buildings around and a factory to NE. A somewhat unattractive flat coast with plastic-covered greenhouses stretching for miles.

An extraordinary and rather exposed anchorage between the double spurs of a point. Anchor about 50m from the coast in 3m sand and stones. The very conspicuous Castillo de Guardias Viejas stands on a small hill just within the double point and Punta de Los BaƱos light is on the eastern side. There are a few buildings and shacks in the area but the nearest small village is about 2M away.

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