Gibraltar is a standard port. Heights in metres MHWS MHWN MLWN MLWS 1.0 0.7 0.3 0.1


Approach Harbour British Admiralty 91, 142 145 773, 3578 144 Spanish 445, 445A 4452

French 7042, 7300 7026

Im ray M11,C19 M11

C50 C50

Lights Approach

2420 Punta Carnero

FI(4)WR.20s42m18/9M 018°-W-325°-R-018° Siren Mo(K)30s Yellow round tower, green base, silver lantern 19m

2456 Gibraltar Aeromarine

Mo(GB)R.10s405m30M Obscured on westerly bearings within 2M 2438 Europa Point, Gibraltar lso.10s49m19M Oc.R.10s15M and F.R.15M 042°-vis-067° Horn 20s White round tower, red band 19m


2442 South breakwater, north end (A head) FI.2s18m15M Horn 10s Grey round tower 15m

2445 Detached breakwater, south end (B head) Q.R.9m5M Metal structure on concrete building 11m

2451.2 Queensway Quay Marina, south mole 2F.G(vert) 2451 Queensway Quay Marina, northwest mole 2F.R(vert) 2450.7 Cormorant Camber 2F.R(vert) 2451.5 Coaling Island new mole 2F.G(vert)

2446 Detached breakwater, north end (Chead) Q.G.10m5M Metal structure on concrete building 11m

2448 North breakwater, southwest arm (D head) Q.R.18m5M Round tower 17m

2449.2 North breakwater, northwest elbow (E head) F.R.28m5M Tower Plus other lights in the interior of the harbour and to the north.

Port communications Radio

Queens Harbourmaster VHF Ch 8

(0800-1600 Mon to Fri)

All marinas VHF Ch 71 (0830-2030 (later in summer))


Port Captain ® 772 54

Port Operations Room if 781 34/770 04

Marina Bay Office ® 743 22 Fax 783 73

Pier Office® 733 00 Fax 426 56

Sheppards Marina Repair facilities

Ocean Village "S 400 48 Fax 400 68

Queensway Quay S 447 00 Fax 446 99

Email & web sites

Marina Bay Email

[email protected]


Queensway Quay Email

[email protected]

Ocean Village Email

[email protected]


'The Rock'

Gibraltar is a safe and convenient stopping point for yachts entering or leaving the Mediterranean, as well as being a duty-free port. All facilities are available for repairs and general maintenance, and both general and ship's stores of every kind can be obtained in Gibraltar or by air from England - it is often cheaper to have equipment exported by air to Gibraltar as 'Ships Stores in Transit' than to buy them off the shelf once there. Both the pound sterling and the Gibraltar pound (at parity) are legal tender.

Long popular with English-speaking yachtsmen, all the marinas are busy and it may be wise to book ahead. Two are close to the airport runway which is convenient for crew changes but noisy. The third, Queensway Quay Marina, is about half a mile further south behind the outer breakwater, in an area previously known as the Auxiliary Camber. All suffer from swell in westerly winds and violent gusting in easterly levanters. Weather forecasts in English are posted daily at all three.

Much land reclamation has taken place over the past few years - the inlet between the Customs Berth and the North Mole has been filled in, as has a large area just off the Varyl Begg Estate.

Unless in a tearing hurry a tour of the Rock itself must be de rigeur and the museum - with displays of Gibraltar in prehistoric, Phoenician and Roman times -is also recommended.

Navigation Tides and Currents

Gibraltar is a standard port for the Mediterranean where the rise and fall is a mere 0.9m at springs and 0.4m at neaps with a mean level of 0.5m. What is much more interesting for the arriving or departing yachtsman is the tidal current flow in the Straits of Gibraltar itself. There is a permanent flow outward, east to west, from the

Gibraltar from the south

Gibraltar from the south
















These diagrams are published with the kind permission of Dr M Sloma, editor of Yacht Scene. Under no circumstances will Yacht Scene or the Pilotage Foundation be liable for any accident or injury, which may occur to vessels or persons whilst using the above current predictions.

Mediterranean at lower depths, which gives rise to a maximum surface easterly flow of about 4.5 knots and a westerly rate of 2 knots. Under certain conditions of wind and tide, flows can be greater in the narrowest part of the Strait. Where there are shallows near the coast there is distortion of the current and there may be overfalls when wind is against the tide. Prolonged dry periods in the western Mediterranean appear to have an effect on the tidal flow, making the outward flow in the centre of the Strait less than indicated.

Tidal flows for the Straits are difficult to establish with precise accuracy and the diagrams above should be used as approximations. The figures against the arrows indicate the rate in knots at Springs. They give approximate combined values of stream and current in calm weather.


The massive Rock is visible for many miles, though if approaching from the west it opens fully only after rounding Punta Carnero into Gibraltar Bay. Almost without exception the coastline is steep to, but beware of squalls and sudden windshifts in the bay, particularly during a levanter. Yachts must give way to naval and commercial vessels at all times. There may be tunny nets off La Linea.

GPS approach

Steer for -0-1 from a southerly quadrant then proceed east of north for the northern 2 marinas or east for Queensway Quay.

Entrance and formalities

If making for the northern two marinas round E Head to starboard and call at the customs and reporting station (Waterport) on the North Mole opposite the end of the runway. At night, after rounding E Head, the row of red lights at the end of the runway mark the north side of the channel leading to the customs berth and marinas.

If heading for Queensway Quay Marina, pass between A and B Heads and steer for the marina entrance 0.4 miles to the east. The reception pontoon is hard round to starboard on entry near the fuel berth. After mooring the skipper must report to Customs at the marina office.

Customs' and immigration formalities.

At present yachts going to the northern two marinas must report to the customs berth, while yachts going to Queensway report to customs in the marina office. They are advised to declare all items they wish to bring in free of duty and failure to do so can result in serious penalties. The reporting procedures for visiting yachts may soon be amended in that yachts will be allowed to radio in their arrival and then proceed to their chosen marina. Each marina will have the relevant forms available for yacht skippers to complete. Officials wishing to attend a yacht will do so at the marina berth. Only in exceptional circumstances will the port insist on a yacht attending the reporting berth before going to their chosen marina.

Immigration is relatively simple. Yachts are required to submit a crew and passenger list in triplicate and to obtain clearance to go ashore; a valid passport and, in some cases, visas are required. Anyone intending to stay ashore must report to the Waterport with the address of the intended stay. Any guest residing aboard or anyone aboard who has employment in Gibraltar must report to the Waterport authorities. Crews must not be paid off or enrolled (regardless of nationality) without permission of the Principal Immigration Officer. The time and date of departure must be given to the Waterport before departure.


Anchoring is permitted (although not encouraged) between the runway and the oil pier to the north. This area has recently been curtailed by the laying of buoys and pontoons for small local craft but space can still be found and the holding is good in 4 to 5 metres on sand. Anchoring is prohibited in line with the runway and on either side of the Rock itself. A better anchorage can be found at La Linea harbour to the NNW.


Marina Bay This was the northernmost of the three and largest with about 210 berths (but see Sheppards below). The reception berth is alongside the office towards the outer end of the main pier. Prior booking is advised and proof of insurance is required. On site there

Europa Point

is a bank, chandlery (which can arrange all repairs and caretaking), supermarket, laundry, chemist, bars and restaurants.

Sheppards This company has recently been taken over and the marina has been moved to a new location north of the airport runway. There will be a haul-out and repair facility adjacent to the marina with a scheduled opening of late 2005. It is proposed to have 140 berths of which 40 will be designated for visitors. Other than hauling out, all repair services are now available from Sheppards' temporary workshop facility at Coaling Island (near Queensway Quay marina) 768 95 Fax 717 80. The chandlery shop is still on the Sheppards old site H? 771 83 Fax 425 35. The old marina is being rebuilt as a part of Ocean Village residential and commercial development. It should open in 2006 as a smarter marina with all modern facilities. Queensway Quay - this is a modern marina with 120 berths which has been designed with considerable care. Most berths have telephone points and access to pontoons is by security card. It has the advantage over

Gibraltar showing new construction for Sheppards marina north of the runway

Nj O

Sheppards Marina Gibraltar

Depths in Metres


Muelle de San Felipe

Sheppards Marina

Ocean Village


12456 # Aero Mo(GB)R. 10s405m30M


.Queensway «Quay Marina

Main iWharf


1 / Gibraltar Approaches 36°08'N 05°22'.5W -$■2 Pta Europa west

36°05'.5N 05°2TW -^11 Pta Europa east 36°05".5N 05°20'W

Marina Bay v ,

RedLts<|A Black Strap Bay


D. Head

2446 Q.G

A. Head FI.2s15M Horn 10s


South Mole

Gibraltar Bay

J Passage Pt

Vr0PaPt 2433 ( lso+Oc.R.10s49m19/15M +F.R.44m15M Horn 20s 5°20"W


Bayside Gibraltar

Queensway Quay marina from W

Admiralty charts from the Gibraltar Chart Agency (4 Bayside,

Gibraltar. ® 76293). General services include branches of several UK banks with ATM machines and chain stores (including a very large Safeway), shopping of all kinds, English book shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and clinics. Excellent produce market over the border at La Linea on Wednesday morning. (Crossing the border on foot or by bicycle is quick and easy, crossing by car can entail long delays. In either event a passport is required). The Royal Gibraltar YC, the oldest royal club outside the UK (founded in 1829), welcomes visitors and meals can be booked by phoning the Club Secretary on 78897. Duty-free stores can be ordered from one of several local suppliers for delivery to the boat on departure. There is also a duty-free shop at the customs berth. Straits Sailing Handbook Colin Thomas. An annual guide for Chipiona to Benalmadena with part of the Moroccan coast and the tide tables. Available through Imrays or from [email protected] A useful directory of local information and services is compiled and published by D M Sloma under the title Yacht Scene. It is available at marina offices and chandleries or by air mail orders from P O Box 555, Gibraltar. ®/Fax +350 79385


Post office (quick and reliable service to/from the UK - all the marinas will hold mail for yachts). Buses to La Linea, thence a Spanish bus. Taxis and hire cars (which may be taken into Spain). Main line railway at Algeciras. Air services to several UK destinations, Tanger, Casablanca and Marrakesh, but not to Spain. Twice weekly ferry to Tanger. "S International code 350.

Wireless broadband Internet connections are available on board your yacht at all Gibraltar marinas. No hardware is required other than a computer with a USB port. Contact Jens Kaersgard, YachtConnect, "S +359 5463 7000 (except from Spain); 9567 5463 7000 (from Spain) or email [email protected]

Queensway Quay marina from W

Marina Bay marina (on left) and the old Sheppards Marina which will be moving to IM of runway. Space will be renovated for Ocean Village marina the other two marinas of greater distance from the dust and noise of the airport and is barely five minutes away from the town centre. Proof of insurance is required. Marina trolleys can be borrowed for major restocking at the vast Safeway on the Varyl Begg Estate ten minutes walk to the north.

Note that all marinas charges are reasonable, reductions available in the winter and all have discounted prices for longer stays. Credit cards are accepted.

Other facilities

Diesel and petrol from Shell or Mobil at the fuelling berth inshore of the customs berth. Paraffin from the filling station near Sheppards. Ice from all filling stations.

Camping Gaz obtainable from Sheppards and from the Shell office at the fuel berth. Calor Gas bottles can no longer be filled, Repsa gas bottles being the only ones available in Spain and Gibraltar. Sail repairs There is no longer a sailmaker in Gibraltar but J8cF Sailmakers, South Pavilion Rd (® 41469) will make covers.

Gibraltar weather forecasts

LT BFBS 1 BFBS2 Gibraltar BC

Mon-Fri Sat Sun Mon-Fri_Mon-Fri Sat Sun

0530 X X

0630 X XX

0730 X XX 0745 X

1005 X

1030 X

1200 X

1202 X X

1230 X XX

Also storm warnings on receipt 1438 AM

Includes high and low water times 100.5 FM

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