Marina del Este Puerto de la Mona

British Admiralty 773. Imray Mil French 4717, 6569. Spanish 456

To the south

0074.8 Punta de la Mona FI.5s140m15M Masonry tower

14m Harbour

0075 Dique de Abrigo FI.R.5s13m4M Red tower 5m 0075.2 Contradique FI(2)G.6s5m3M Green tower 3m To the east

0080 Cabo Sacratif FI(2)10s98m25M White tower and building 17m

Port communications

VHF Ch 9. ® 958 82 70 18 Fax 958 82 72 40. Email [email protected] url

Small harbour in beautiful area

A small artificial yacht harbour which is part of a huge housing development in a beautiful area. The approach and entrance are easy and good protection is provided especially from the W. Some swell is experienced with NE-E winds and is sometimes unpleasant due to deflected waves. Basic facilities are provided. This harbour together with the Puerto Caleta de Vêlez (Torre del Mar) form useful stopping places between Málaga and Motril, but prices are high. A small beach near the harbour, pool at yacht club.

The prehistoric caves at Nerja, the old villages in the hills and the famous city of Granada can all be visited. The mountains of Sierra Nevada lying inland are very beautiful.


From the west Nerja and the Punta de Cerro Gordo are easily recognised. The high prominent Punta de Mona (Concepción) is unmistakable; the harbour lies round the corner.

From the east After passing the delta of Rio Guadalfeo the coast becomes hilly. Almuñecar with an old fort above it is conspicuous at the beginning of the Ensenada de los Berengueles. The harbour lies on the W side of this Ensenada, about half-way along the ridge leading to Punta de la Mona.

GPS approach

Steer to -$-29 from a easterly quadrant and steer for breakwater end (approx. 0.06M).

Anchorage in the approach

Anchor 100m off the beach in 5m sand in the NW corner of the Ensenada de Berengueles.


Approach the W side of the Ensenada de los Berengueles keeping 400m from the coast, due to off-lying rocks, until the N end of the harbour bears W then approach and round the head of the breakwater leaving it 25m to port and enter on a S course.


Secure to fuel berth on the starboard side on entering and ask at control tower.


Harbour charges

High in summer.


Maximum length overall: 30m. 30-tonnes travel-lift and a 3.3-tonne crane. A large hard for laid-up yachts.

Limited repair facilities. The marine engineer and chandler can find specialists. Water points on the quays and pontoons. Showers at yacht club.

220v AC points on the quays and pontoons, 380v on large berths. Gasoleo A and petrol. Ice near the fuel quay.

Small supermarket and laundry in the marina. Other shops in Herradura 2M over the hill.


Bus service on the main road 1M away - a long, steep climb. ® Area code 958. Taxi ® 63 00 17.


(See plan lllc)

Another large anchorage on the E side of Punta de la Mona in attractive surroundings. There are several places where anchorage is possible - 100m off the Playa de San Cristobal that lies to the W of Almunecar in 5m sand or off the two beaches in the NW corner of the bay. All normal facilities from the town of Almunecar and some repairs possible. Almunecar fort is conspicuous.


(See plan lllc)

Anchor 200m off the beach in 5m sand or 400m out in 20m stones. Punta de San Cristobal gives protection from the west. Almunecar has a conspicuous fort. Everyday supplies in the town.

Almunecar Old Boat


Marina del Este


Marina del Este

Marina Costa Del Sol

Puerto de Motril from SE

¿ ENSENADA DE BE LILLA (See plan lile)

An anchorage 150m off the Playa de Belilla in 5m clay and sand, or further out in 30m stones. Modern holiday development along the coast where everyday supplies may be found.

¿ ENSENADA DE ROBAINA 36°44".5N 03°39".4W

A pleasant small anchorage 50m off a small pair of sand and pebble beaches in 5m sand. A conspicuous small fort is located on Punta de Jesus o del Tesorillo and a large block of flats behind the W beach.


Peñón and Surgidero de Salobreña: anchor either side of the conspicuous peñón, 100m off the coast in 5m, sand and pebbles, or 400m out in 25m, mud. The Moorish castle above the town of Salobreña is easily seen.

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