National holidays and fiestas

There are numerous official and local holidays, the latter often celebrating the local saint's day or some historical event. They usually comprise a religious procession, sometimes by boat, followed by a fiesta in the evening. The Fiesta del Virgen de la Carmen is celebrated in many harbours during mid-July. Dates of other local fiestas are included in the harbour information. Official holidays include:

1 January Año Nuevo (New Year's Day) 6 January Reyes Magos (Epiphany)

Viernes Santo (Good Friday) Easter Monday

I May Día del Trabajo (Labour Day) early/mid-June Corpus Christi

24 June Día de San Juan (St John's Day, the King's name-day) 29 June San Pedro y San Pablo (Sts Peter and Paul)

25 July Día de Santiago (St James' Day)

15 August Día del Asunción (Feast of the Assumption)

II September Catalan National Day

12 October Día de la Hispanidad (Day of the

Spanish Nation) 1 November Todos los Santos (All Saints) 6 December Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) 8 December Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate

Conception) 25 December Navidad (Christmas Day)

When a national holiday falls on a Sunday it may be celebrated the following day.


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