Puerto Cabo Pino


British Admiralty 3578, 773. Imray Mil French 4777. Spanish 454


0057.4 Espigón Antiarena Q(6)+LFI.15s3M Í black and yellow post

0057.6 Dique de Levante head FI(4)G.10s7m4M White round tower 4m Note 3F.R vertical means port closed. 0057.8 Muelle de Poniente head FI(2)R.5s7m4M White tower 4m To the east

0058 Punta de Calaburras FI.5s46m18M White tower, house with red roof, 25m

Port communications

VHF Ch 9. Port manager 952 83 19 75 Fax 952 83 02 37. Peter Holmer, the manager, has good English. Email [email protected]

Small private harbour

An attractive small private harbour with houses built in the local style; it is one of the less oppressive in terms of not being surrounded by high rise buildings and boutiques. The approach and entrance may be problematic - see below - but there is good protection once inside. Facilities are good and there are beaches on either side of the harbour.

Approach and entrance

Cabo Pino lies 8M to the E of Marbella and 4M to WSW of Punta Calaburras lighthouse, both of which are easily recognised. The high white apartment blocks and harbour breakwater can be seen from afar. The partly ruined square, Torre de Cala Honda, located just to W of the harbour will be seen closer in.

The approach and entrance silt and are dredged by the marina to a least depth of 1.5m though there is usually more water than that and yachts drawing 2m and more have entered without difficulty. Enter on the flood, sounding, and pass the Dique de Levante at about one third the distance between it and the Espigon Antiarena; sand builds up off the head of the Dique de Levante. Care is particularly necessary in strong SW-W winds or swell which may effectively reduce depths. If in doubt, call the marina and inquire about depths.

GPS approach

Steer to -$-19 from southerly quadrant and steer for breakwater end (approx. 0.14M).

Puerto Cabo Pino

Puerto Cabo Pino

Puerto Del Pino




Puerto Del Pino

Metres (approx)

Plan 8

Dique de Levante Depths in Metres

19 Puerto Cabo Pino approaches 36°28'.8N 04°44'.5W

Metres (approx)

Plan 8

Dique de Levante Depths in Metres

19 Puerto Cabo Pino approaches 36°28'.8N 04°44'.5W


The sea floor near the harbour is mainly stony with poor holding, particularly on the E side, though some sandy patches may be found.

In the approach

Cala Moral 36°29\8N 04°40\7W 2M to ENE has a sandy bottom. Anchor between Torre Pesetas on Punta de la Torre Nueva and Torre de Cala Moral 200m from the shore in 3m sand.


Secure to the fuel berth which is just inside the harbour to port and near the F.R light and ask at the tone de control for berthing instructions.

Punta de Calaburras

Harbour charges

High. Facilities

Maximum length overall: 16m (4 berths only).

Small yard which can pressure clean and apply anti foul.

8-tonne crane and 26-tonne travel-lift.

Slipway on W side of the harbour.

Engine mechanics.

Water points on all quays.

Showers at torre de control.

220v AC points on all quays. Some at 380v by the larger berths. Gasoleo A and petrol. Ice from the bars or from fuel quay. Supermarket behind the harbour. Launderettes near harbour.


Bus along the coast, if Area code 95. Taxi S 111 44 88.

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