Puerto de Benalmdena


British Admiralty 773. Imray M11

French 4777. Spanish 455, 455A


0060-3 Laja de Bermeja Q(3)10s7m5M t E card post 4m

0060.4 Dique Sur SW head FI.G.5s9m10M White tower, with green bands 5m

0060.5 Dique Sur NE corner Q(3)10s9m4M t Truncated conical masonry tower 5m

0060.7 Dique Sur inner head FI(3)G.10s4m4M White tower, green bands 2m

0060.6 Dique del Oeste head FI.R.5s4m4M Truncated conical masonry, red bands 2m

There is a 20m spur projecting northnortheastwards from the inside of the Dique Sur head. It is not visible until the head is almost rounded. There is a small tower with green band and a green light of unknown characteristics.

Port communications

VHF Ch 9. Capitanía ® 952 57 70 22, Fax 952 44 13 44

Email: [email protected]

url www.puertobenalmadena.org

Huge yacht harbour

This is a huge artificial yacht harbour enclosing 150,000 square metres of water located at the SW end of Torremolinos. The area near the harbour is a mass of soulless high-rise buildings and as it is very difficult to find a berth in Málaga, Benalmádena is a good alternative. Good beaches on each side of the harbour.


The approach requires care to avoid the shoal, Laja de Bermeja (see below) which breaks in heavy weather. The entrance is easy and good protection is offered once inside though there is some swell in outer harbour with W gale.

From the west The prominent walls of Benalmádena can be seen when passing the large casino building and small harbour of Punta Negra. Keep over '/zM off the coast to pass south of the Laja de Bermeja and make for a position where the S end of the harbour is due W. From the east Passage is forbidden through the area of an oil terminal located 1M to S of Puerto de Málaga. This area is about '/iM square and lies 3/tM off the coast. From Puerto de Málaga keep ¡/iM off coast and pass inside prohibited area. Pay attention to an exposed wreck in the area. The mass of high rise blocks of flats at Torremolinos ends shortly before Benalmádena. Keep well to the east of Laja de Bermeja.

GPS approach

Steer to -0-22 from easterly quadrant and steer for breakwater end, leaving the Laja de Bermeja post well to port (approx. 0.3M).

Anchorage in the approach

Anchor 200m to the NE of the E end of the Dique Sur in 5m sand.


The Laja de Bermeja (2.5m), lying some 250m S of Dique Sur head light, is the easterly outlier of a large rock strewn and shallow area to the west of the actual rock. The E cardinal post marks this large shallow area (although to the west of the actual Laja de Bermeja!)

From a position '/iM out and where the S end of the harbour is due W, approach on this course leaving the Laja de Bermeja post well to port. Follow the Dique Sur to its head then round it, keeping at least 30 metres clear and pass the new spur close to starboard and enter on an ENE'ly course.


Control Tower Outer Harbour

Go to the fuelling point and ask at the control tower for a berth. (There may be significant swell on outer wall.)


Maximum length overall: 30m.

Most yacht maintenance services including sailmaker.

Slipway in the E corner of the harbour.

50-tonne travel-hoist and 5-tonne crane.

Chandleries inside and outside the port.

Water taps on all quays.


220v AC and 380v AC on berths between 18-30m. Gasoleo A and petrol pumps by the control tower. Ice on fuel quay. Supermarket in port.

Shops and supermarkets in Benalmádena Costa and Torremolinos, 1M away. Good shops and market (Friday) at Arroya del Mel l'/iM inland. Laundry collected within the port and launderettes in the town. Diving school.


Bus and rail services to most parts of Spain, bus stop on main road near the marina. Airport at Malaga. "S Area code 95. Taxi ® 244 15 45.


Anchor off Torremolinos, 1M to NE of Puerto de Benalmádena, 250m from the shore in 6 to 7m sand


Anchor to the S of the oíd castle.



Seaward Fox Sailboat

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