Puerto de Cartagena

British Admiralty 774, 1700, 1189, 1194. Imray M12 French 4718, 4719. Spanish 4642, 464A, 464


To the west

0124 Cabo Tiñoso FI(1+3)20s146m24M White tower and building 10m. A magnetic anomaly 3M to S of Cabo Tiñoso has been reported.

Approaches Plan below Western Approach

0125 Dique, Algameca Grande FI(4)R.12s10m7M White and yellow tower 5m

0125 3 The Point, Algameca Grande FI(3)G.12s8m3M White and yellow tower 3m Entrance

0128 Dique de Navidad FI(2)R.10s15m10M White tower red top 11m

23430(S) Bajo de Santa Ana FI(2)G.7s5M Green conical 5m Eastern Approach

0127 Bajo Las Losas Q(6)+LFI.15s5m5M ? card 5m Escombreras

0126.2 Dique Muelle Bastarreche head FI.G.3s10m5M White tower 7m

23200(S) Bajo de Escombreras Q(6)+LFI.10s3M í card buoy 6m

0126 Islote Escombreras FI.5s65m17M Tower with aluminium cupola on white building 8m Harbour Plan page 91

0128 Dique de Navidad FI(2)R.10s15m10M White tower red top 11m

0130 Dique de la Curra FI(3)G.14s14m5M Cylindrical white tower green cupola 11m 0130.3 Espalmador floating breakwater Q.R.1M Red post 0130.5 Muelle del Carbon head FI(2+1)R.14.5s8m3M Red post, green band 5m

0131.2 Marina outer breakwater Q.G.5m1M Green tower 4m

0131.5 Muelle de Sta Lucia FI(4)G.12s5m1M Green post 3m 0132 Muelle Santiago head FI(4)R.11s5m1M Red post 3m 0132.5 Dique de Alba FI(2+1)G.16s5m1M Green column, red band 3m Yacht basin

0131.3 Darsena de Yates breakwater head 37°35'.7N 00°58'.8W FI(3)R.9s3m1 M Red support 1m

0131.35 Outer harbour elbow SW FI(2+1)G.12s3m1M Green column, red band 23546(S) Contradique FI(2+1)G.12s3m1M Green column, red band

Port communications

Port VHF Ch 11,12, 14. Marina VHF Ch 9. Puerto Deportivo if 968 32 58 00 Fax 968 32 58 15 Email [email protected]

Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena ® 968 50 69 05 Fax 968 50 15 07

Storm signals

Flown from the signal station in Castillo de Galeras.

New works at Esperanza - from SE

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