Puerto de Fuengirola


British Admiralty 3578, 773. Imray Mil

French 4717. Spanish 455, 454


FI(4)R.12s10m4M Red metal pyramidal tower 4m

0059.4 Contradique FI(2)G.7s6m3M Green truncated pyramidal tower 4m

0058.5 Espigön S head 36°32'.8N 04°36'.7W FI.G.5s5m5M Green tower 4m (on submerged groyne to the north of entrance)

To the west

0058 Punta de Calaburras 36°30'.5N 04°38'.3W

FI.5s46m18M White tower, house with red roof, 25m

Port communications

VHF Ch 9. Port ST 952 46 80 00 Fax 952 46 99 89

Email [email protected]

Harbour with good shelter and facilities

Planned as a harbour in two parts, only the western side has been built. It has good shelter and facilities. All necessary provisions may be bought from large modern tourist town nearby. Usually the approach and entrance are easy but could be difficult with strong NE-E winds and/or swell. In these conditions parts of the harbour are uncomfortable.

The town is very busy and noisy in the season. There are good beaches each side of the port but they are crowded in summer. Local holidays: three days in August and 7-10 October for their Patron Saint.


From the SW The low headland of Punta Calaburras with its conspicuous lighthouse and a mast 6.2M to N, is about 2M SW of Fuengirola. An old castle on a small hill lies halfway between this point and the harbour. The town of Fuengirola with its high-rise hotels and apartments is easily seen.


Fuengirola. Note submerged breakwater running SE from groynes to NE

The minarets at Fuengirola

From the NE The massive high-rise tourist development around Torremolinos continues with minor interruptions along the coast as far as Fuengirola after which it peters out.

The four minarets of the marina, although they do not compete in altitude with the buildings in the background, are conspicuous and catch the sun.

GPS approach

Steer to -0-21 from easterly quadrant and steer for breakwater end (approx. 0.13M).

Anchorage in the approach

Anchor 200m to N of the head of the breakwater in 3m sand. An alternative deeper anchorage lies 500m to SE of the harbour in 15m sand.


Approach the head of the Dique de Abrigo on a NW course and round it. A shallow area has developed on the starboard side of the entrance; keep in mid-channel.


Pick up a mooring line and go bows- or stern-to one of the new concrete pontoons and check with the office near SW corner of the port.


Maximum length overall: 20m.

Repairs - limited; there is a small yard to the SW of the harbour.

35-tonne travel-lift and 6-tonne crane. Chandlery.

Water taps on quay and pontoons. 220v AC on pontoons and quays. Gasoleo A and petrol. Ice at the SW end of the harbour.

Club náutico - inquire about using its facilities. Shop in the town for provisions.

A market near the centre of town and an open market on

Tuesdays. Launderettes in the town.


Rail and bus service. Airport at Malaga. "S Area code 95. Taxi ® 247 10 00.

The minarets at Fuengirola

Fuengirola Harbour

Puerto de Punta Negra

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