Puerto de la Duquesa


British Admiralty 3578, 773. Imray M11

French 4717. Spanish 453


0018 Dique de Levante S head FI.G.7s8m5M White truncated tower green lantern and base 4m

0018.3 Dique de Levante N head Q(3)10s7m3M Yellow truncated tower black band 4m

0018.4 Contradique head FI(2)R.7s6m3M White tower red top 4m

0018.41 External espigón head FI.R.5s7m3M Metal strucure, red top 5m

Port communications

Email [email protected]

url www.marinamediterraneo.com/duquesa.htm

Costa Del Sol Imray
Puerto de la Duquesa

Useful marina near Gibraltar

A marina surrounded by blocks of apartments and with good facilities. Approach and entrance are easy and good shelter is available inside. It is a useful first port of call after Gibraltar which is less than 20M away. Good beaches on either side of the harbour.


From the south Punta de la Chullera, with a tower, has rocks extending up to 100m offshore. Castillo de la Duquesa just SSW of the harbour is conspicuous. From the north Punta de Salto de la Mora with its old watch tower can be seen. Foul ground extends 200m off this point. The new buildings around the harbour and its breakwater are visible during the closer approach.

GPS approach

Steer for -0-13 from an easterly quadrant and then steer for the end of the breakwater (approx. 0.13M).


Good anchorage is available to the NE of the harbour, about 150m offshore in 5m sand.


Approach the head of the Dique de Levante on a NW course, round it and enter on a NE course. Give the breakwaters a 25m berth; underwater obstructions are marked by small buoys.


Secure alongside fuelling berth on the port hand side of the entrance and ask at the torre de control or call on Ch 9.


If entering Spain, the capitán de puerto and aduana's offices are in the torre de control.


Maximum length overall: 20-25m. Limited workshops on E side of harbour. 75-tonne crane on NE side of harbour. Water taps on pontoons and quays. Showers at torre de control. 220v AC on pontoons and quays. Ice on fuel quay. Gasoleo A and petrol. Clubhouse with pool.

Local supermarket. Other shops in Manilva village 1/zM away and Las Sabinilla x/i M away. Washing machine in torre de control


Bus service. Airfield at Gibraltar, if Area code 95. Taxi S- 280 29 00.


A rather open anchorage located just over 1M to NNE of Puerto de la Duquesa, in 3m sand about 100m from the beach. Foul ground exists off Punta de la Salo de la Mora extending out to 200m. The point is not especially conspicuous but the tower and small fort-like buildings on the point can be seen. Main coast road behind beach.

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