Puerto de Marbella

British Admiralty 3578, 773. Imray Ml 1 French 4717. Spanish 454



0056 Marbella LtHo FI(2)14-5s35m22M White round tower 29m Marina

0056-2 Dique de Levante FI(2)G.7s7m4M Green tower 3m 0056-6 Dique de Poniente FI.R.5s6m2IVI Red tower 3m Note There may be several fish farms off this harbour which normally have 4 buoys, FI.Y.5s marking their extent

Port communications

VHF Ch 09. Capitanía "S 95 211 57 00 Fax 95 282 44 62. Club Marítimo ® 95 277 25 04.

Noisy tourist town

One of the original tourist towns on this coast, a mass of high rise blocks. There are two small harbours, the one to the W being for yachts, the other for fishing craft. The approach and entrance to the marina are easy but could be dangerous in strong SW-W winds. Strong winds from that quarter as well as from the East produce a serious surge in the harbour which may become untenable. If sitting out a blow, use your own gear and double up on the lines.

The harbour is noisy at night during the high season and during the day the long sandy beaches on either side of the harbour are often crowded.

The local holidays are 10-18 June, Ferias de San

Bernabé. 18-24 August, Semana del Sol. 18 October, San Pedro de Alcantara.


The mass of skyscraper apartments and hotels along the seafront and the high Sierra Blanca mountain range behind make the whereabouts of the marina easy to locate. The marina itself is immediately S of Marbella light; in day time the lighthouse is difficult to spot as it is the middle of a group of high-rise buildings. Do not be confused by a number of rocky jetties between the marina and the fishing harbour, built as breakwaters to retain sand for bathing beaches, and look out for a fishing platform at 36°30'.0N 04°52'.4W, about half a mile off the fishing harbour. The marina breakwater has been heightened to give extra protection within.

GPS approach

Steer to -€j>17 from southerly quadrant and steer for breakwater end (approx. 0.04M).

Plan 6b


Anchorage in the approach

Anchor in 5m sand anywhere 200m to SW of the entrance to the yacht harbour.


Give the jetty heads a good berth as they are not vertical at the foot. Line of small red can buoys on the north side of the entrance and a wreck on the south side, leave to port and starboard respectively.


Secure to the fuelling station on the port side of the entrance and ask at the capitanía, behind the fuel station.


Maximum length overall: 15-20m. A fork-lift type hoist on a tractor, rated at 16 tonnes. A small slipway in NE corner of the harbour and a slipway on the W side of the harbour. Small hardstanding. Chandlery shop in the town.

Water from club marítimo and on pontoons and quays. 125v, 220v AC on quayside and pontoons and 380v on berths of 20m. Gasoleo A and petrol.

Ice from factory 100m NE of the club marítimo. Club Marítimo de Marbella is really a high quality hotel and restaurant with showers and other services in the basement.

There is a market about 1M to N of the club marítimo. Buy food from shops in back streets, they have better quality provisions and are cheaper. Several launderettes in town.


Bus service along the coast, if Area code 95. Taxi 111 44 88.


Marina de Bajadilla

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