Puerto de Mlaga

Time differencesr based on Gibraltar Height difference Mean



Offshore these are normally E-going but a counter-current sometimes runs off the entrance. The tidal streams up to 0.5 knots run NE and SW in the entrance.


British Admiralty 1850, 1851. Imray/W7 7 French 4717, 7294. Spanish 455, 455A, 4551


Approach 0062 Málaga LtHo

FI(3+1)20s38m25M 243°-vis-047° White truncated conical tower on white two-storey building 33m Harbour

0064 Dique del Este head FI(2)G.7s13m3M 000°-vis-200° Conical masonry tower 7m

0064.5 New Dique de Levante N head Q(3)10s12m3M Black tower, yellow band 2m

0065 New Dique de Levante S head FI.G.5s7m5M Green tower 4 m

0065.3 Submerged breakwater head Q(6)+LFI.15s3M ? cardinal post 4m

0065-5 Contradique SW corner Q(6)+LFI.15s3M » card, post 4m

0065.7 Contradique E head FI.R.5s5M Red pyramid 5m.

0066 Dique del Oeste head FI(2)R.6s13m4M 374°-vis-231° Conical masonry tower 7m

0067 Puerto Pesquero Espigón Sur Q.R.4m2M Conical stone tower 3m

0067.5 Puerto Pesquero Espigón Norte Q.G.5m2M Conical stone tower 3m

0068 Dique Transversal del Este head SE corner FI(2)G.7s6m2M Conical masonry tower 5m

0070 Muelle Transversal del Oeste head FI(2+1)R.12s7m2M

Tower with red top 4m 0070.2 Muelle de Romero Robledo FI(4)R.11s7m2M Tower with red top 4m

0069 Small craft basin. Dique Norte FI(3)R.9s6m2M Red metal column

0069.2 Small craft basin. Dique Sur head FI(3)G.8s6m2M

Green metal column 0069.4 Muelle Canovas del Castillo head FI(2+1)G.12s7m2M Tower with green top 4m

Port communications

952 21 05 90 Real Club Mediterráneo VHF Ch 9 •S 952 22 85 41 Fax. 952 21 63 11 Email [email protected] url www.realclubmediterraneo.com

Storm signals

Storm signals may be displayed at the signal station.

Puerto de Málaga


Broome Street Map
Pian 12

Major working port

This is a port to be avoided unless prior arrangements have been made for a berth especially now with the extensive works going on in the harbour. A new Dique de Levante and a new contradique have been constructed and much work is still going on in the harbour. It is the major commercial and fishing port of the Costa del Sol without special provision for yachts and there is very limited room at the Real Club Mediterráneo de Málaga which is an exclusive club. Yachts are turned away from Málaga by the harbour authorities and sent to Benalmádena and it has been reported that even in difficult conditions this applies as there is now, effectively, no room for pleasure craft in Málaga.

Local holidays 27 August for 10 days. Fair, August 1 to 9.

Approach by day

From the west The line of high-rise apartments and hotels at Torremolinos and Puerto de Benalmádena are conspicuous, as are the round storage tanks and the power station with two very tall chimneys 1.5M to SW

of the port. Keep within l/zM of the shore or more than L/iM off-shore to avoid the Passage Prohibited Area. Pay attention to the exposed wreck in the area.

From the east A grey cement factory about 4 miles to E of the port is identifiable and the wide flat valley between high ranges of mountains where the port and city are located can be seen from afar. Avoid the prohibited area.

GPS approach

Steer to -0-23 from a south easterly quadrant and steer for breakwater end (approx. 0.2M).

Prohibited area

There are a number of mooring buoys and yellow lit buoys P/zM S of the port, opposite the oil terminal, about 1M offshore and surrounding an oil pipeline terminal. Passage is forbidden through these buoys. Pass inside within /2M of the shore or more than L/2M offshore.

Anchorage in the approach

Anchor to E of port with lighthouse about 300m to NW in 6m sand.


Enter on a NE course between breakwater heads. Then on a N course between the inner two quays, the port hand quay being very low.


The Real Club Mediterráneo de Málaga is on the E side of Darséna de Heredia.

Try the E side of the quay that separates the Puerto Pesquero from the Ante Puerto or stern to quay with anchor from the bow in SW corner of Dársena de Heredia either side of the large floating dock; use an anchor trip line and before heaving it up, make sure the deck wash is working. Larger yachts are sometimes allowed alongside the N side of the Dique Transversal del Oeste while on other occasions yachts have been directed to the NE corner of the Dársena del Guadiaro where the quay wall is high.

Harbour charges

Very high. Formalities

Check with the harbour authorities on VHF Ch 9. Facilities

Geared towards large commercial vessels. There are points for electricity and water (contact Obras de Puerto, office at the main gate), cranes (no travel hoist), a slipway, ice etc. all something of a hassle to organise. Chandleries, shops, supermarkets in town but the harbour is enclosed and only the main gate (which has to be negotiated) is open at night. Spanish chart agency at the Comandancia de Marina near the lighthouse.


Málaga airport is halfway between Málaga and Benalmádena and has year-round international services. Ship ferry service to Tánger, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Genoa and Marseille.

Rail and bus services. Railway. ® Area code 95.

British Consulate Málaga

Edificio Eurocom, Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto

2-2°, 29006 Málaga "S 95 235 23 00 Fax 95 235 92 11.

RC Málaga

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