Useful commercial harbour

A commercial and fishing port with an old and interesting town and castle nearby. Approach and entrance can be made in almost any conditions and good shelter obtained but winds from the E cause an uncomfortable swell inside the harbour. The town, which is the capital of the province of the same name has good shops and markets. Yachts use the Club de Mar del Almería, outside the Dique de Levante; they are not welcome in the main harbour.

Plan 21

Note that the fishing port has its own separate harbour to the west of the main harbour. In 2004 there was construction work beginning outside the root of the Dique de Poniente. Unfortunately no official was available to confirm (or deny) the local rumour that it was for another yacht harbour.

The Moorish Alcazaba (castle) is most impressive and attractive and should be visited. There are four interesting churches, many old buildings and an archaeological museum. Miles of beaches to the E of the harbour.

Local holidays: the ten days before the last Sunday in August and the first two weeks in January.

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