Ensenada de los Barcos

The Ensenada de los Barcos is a large mangrove-lined bay with an extensive shoal closing off much of its mouth. It is easy to enter and once inside provides excellent protection from all directions.


There are no off-lying hazards in the vicinity of the bay.

From the west, be sure to stay south of the Bajo Dios shoal (whose southern point is at approximately 21°58-8'N 83°10-6'W). Nearing the bay, you will be able to pick out various markers off


Soundings in Meters

N 54

Adapted from ICH 1590 Courtesy GeoCuba

82 58'W

Punta de los Barcos - you will need to lay a course 2-3M to the south of them.

From the east, simply stay 'AM or more off the northern coast of the Isla de la Juventud, continuing in a southwesterly direction for the better part of 2M past Punta de los Barcos (if you try to turn in too soon you will run aground for sure!). From the south (Hotel Colony), once again simply stay at least 'AM off the coast, which will lead you directly into the bay.


Come to a position at approximately 21°53-8'N 83°01-2'W and head 060° for the better part of 2M into the bay. After about 'AM you will leave a stake 'AM to port (i.e. you will pass to the south of it). The channel, which is 'AM wide, has minimum depths of about 2-5m, with about the same amount of water over much of the interior of the bay. We have entered it at night, using a GPS, without problems.

Adapted from ICH 1590 Courtesy GeoCuba


Head toward the mangroves until the water shoals and then drop the hook.

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