LPG propane and butane

Propane for cooking (LPG, called gas liquado in Cuba) is hard to obtain. Like bread, this is something that is supplied as part of the basic State-provided ration; there is no mechanism to sell it outside of this framework. However, one or two of the marinas (Marina Hemingway; Marina Jagua in Cienfuegos) can arrange refills. Otherwise you will simply have to find the nearest office that deals with the paperwork for the Cuban people, talk them into giving you the necessary piece of paper to get a refill, and then take your cylinder to the re-filling station (which is normally outside of town for safety reasons). You should allow all day for this process. Better yet, come with a large enough supply to see you through your cruise.

Note Cuba uses propane, not butane, with American-style cylinder fittings. European boats will need to obtain an American-style propane cylinder with the appropriate fittings before setting sail (in the UK, Calor Gas can supply the cylinders and fittings).

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