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The Netherlands Antilles' guilder, sometimes called a florin, is the local currency. It is pegged to the US dollar. It has been 1.78 NA to 1 US for over 20 years. However, you don't have to exchange money if you don't want to as dollars are accepted as readily as the local currency although some stores won't accept 100 US notes.

Planning your cruise

The Tunisian Dinar TD) can only be changcd in Tunisia and importing or exporting Tunisian currency is forbidden. The Dinar is divided into 1000 millimes and mos prices are expressed in millimes, often written as TD 2200 meaning 2200 millimes 2.20 Dinars. Travellers' cheques are accepted at all banks. Credit cards are accepted in the larger towns and tourist centres and xATMs are widespread in most areas. Cash can be withdrawn on Visa universally, MasterCard often and others rarely. The Societe Tunisiennc de Banque (STB) will advance cash against Visa and Mastercard. It can be difficult to get cash in some places against a non-Tunisian card, though not in the tourist areas. There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that caii be taken in or out of Tunisia but keep all exchange receipts as they arc needed for changing cash back into hard currency when leaving or when applying for a visa. Only 30 of the original amount, to a maximum of TD 100, can be reconverted. The Dinar is

How This Book Is Organized

Chapters 1 to 12 cover the specific practical informatior you'll need to know for planning your visit making your visit a success, and enjoying yourself while visiting these coasts. These chapters contain all the nitty-gritty details about how to sail or fly into Turkey, how to arrange a charter yacht, where to provision, what to bring, planning an itinerary, weather and navigation, communications, currency, etc. VWve so included a brief section on Turkish history, government economics, and way of life.

Money And Consumer Prices

As stated under the heading 'Economic Climate', Papua New Guinea has its own currency which is based on the dollar in that it is a unit of one hundred. Kina (pronounced Keenar). Except for the large coin with the hole in the middle, Kina comes in two, five, ten, twenty, and fifty Kina notes. It is similar to the dollar as a currency unit. The following is a list of common-item prices in Papua New Guinea during 1978. The prices, being in local currency, make some items appear the same or even cheaper than in Australia. Don't forget to add 28 per cent to the Australian dollar and about 40 per cent for the American dollar when comparing prices to your own currency. Thus, if an item costs one Kina in Papua New Guinea it will be 01.28 Australian and around 01.40 American.

Finances While Cruising

Convert only as much money as you'll need in the next 2-4- weeks into the local currency, and buy U.S., pilar t.ravplpr's nhenks with the rest,. Keep your exchange receipts Don't change all your money at the nearest place to your anchorage, check with other cruisers and locals to find places that give the best exchange rate. Some banks have a minimum service fee for cashing travelers checks or changing currency, others may have none.

Safe and Unsafe Countries

Surprisingly, there is very little apparent vindictiveness, I have had an Arab tell me of the bloody, but hugely successful, overthrow of the British, yet the fact that I was obviously of British stock did not seem to occur to him at all. We were the best of friends. I have watched Arab television talk of 'the American threat off our shores' then give the latest dollar exchange rate so that Russian visitors may change their currency into the only foreign currency acceptable in that country, the American dollar

General Information About New Caledonia

History Mercier Name New Caledonia

CURRENCY The local currency is the franc. It is shown thus CFP which is short for Cours du Franc Pacifique and is tied to the French franc. CFP is very much a local currency and the visitor is advised to unload all he can whilst in the country of origin. It tends to float higher than both the Australian and US dollar with the rate in 1980 at about 84 CFP to one Australian dollar.

Traveling inland lodging and eating out in Cuba

No cruise to Cuba would be complete without at least a trip or two into the interior. However, as a result of the present shortage of oil and hard currency the first problem likely to be encountered is transportation. All along the roadsides are groups of people seeking a ride. Buses are few and far between, and likely to be extremely crowded, while taxis tend to be prohibitively expensive. Cars can be


The local currency is called the Turkish lira, abbreviated Rapid inflation and export-oriented monetary policies cause a gradual decline each year in the value of the lira, but this is offset by prices rising, keeping the overall cost for tourists relatively stable from year to year. For this reason, all prices quoted in this book are in US dollars. The prices of gooos and services has remained relatively constant when stated in foreign currency. To purchase an average S5 dinner at a restaurant you have to figure in thousands of liras. Carrying a pocket calculator is helpful. Your pockets will be full of wadded-up notes. Try to carry mostly 1000 lira notes for daily shopping, as few merchants will have change on hand for a 10.000 lira note. Foreign currencies can be exchanged for Turkish lira very' easily in offices with the Kambiyo ( change ) sign posted banks, usually open 0830-noon and 1330-1700. weekdays ir.arina offices, usually seven days a week some PTT offices r.d in small...


The Belizean dollar is linked to the U.S. dollar so that 2 BZ S1 U.S. Belizean paper currency comes in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 dollars coins in units of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents. U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere in Belize. The U.S. quarter, dime, and nickel are often used as coins. Prices are sometimes quoted in U.S. dollars and sometimes in Belize dollars. Be sure you know which is which. The basic monetary unit in Mexico is the peso which is divided into 100 centavos. Bills are issued in denominations of 100,200, 500, 1,000,2,000, 5,000,10,000 and 20,000 paper notes. Coins come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50 centavos and 1, 5, 10,20, 50, 100, and 200 pesos. The sign for the peso is the same as the dollar sign. At first it may take a few days to adjust to the different currency, but with a little time, patience and practice, you will soon learn to think in pesos. At press time the exchange rate was 2849 pesos to the dollar. However, the peso is a floating...

Things To Bring

Cruisers formerly estimated prices at about double those in the U.S. However, with recent devaluations of French currency (Tahiti's currency is tied to the French franc) and coincidental strengthening of the U.S. dollar, expenses in French Polynesia have moderated.

Turks Living Abroad

Due to high unemployment in Turkey, many Turks have sought jobs in other countries that offer higher salaries. About 2 million Turks work abroad, the vast majority in West Germany (1.5 million resident Turks), other EC countries, and Arab nations. Turkish workers send or bring back to Turkey remittances in foreign currency estimated at 1 billion annually. Their jobs are primarily in low-paid services and construction.

Shell Money

Shell money is still a respected and active form of exchange in the Solomons. Primarily on the island of Malaita, brides are still purchased with strings of shell and this type of currency is actually exported to other countries whose inhabitants like to shop with shells such as Papua New Guinea.

General Advice

An advance visa is obtainable from an Egyptian embassy or consulate outside the country for a payment of about US 12. This eliminates the obligation of changing a set figure into local currency upon going ashore, but it seems also to carry considerable doubt with it. Make sure you have the embassy official spell it out for it is true that some visas are issued on the assumption that the visitor will land in Cairo by plane. The yachtsman with the wrong advance visa then finds he or she must still change dollars before being allowed ashore to get to Cairo That is about par for the course with Egyptian formalities. Currency in Egypt is the pound which is broken into 100 piastres. Prior to the American dollar's meteoric rise in the middle of 1984, it hovered at around 80 piastres to the dollar officially. On the black market it was worth over 120 piastres and at legal money dealers it was 115 piastres. Currency is the Sudanese pound which equals 100 piastres. Currency is the dinar which...

Imports and Exports

Turkey's booming tourist industry had the highest increase in revenues in 1985 (74 ) of any OECD country, bringing in SI.5 billion of foreign currency. The country also had the highest rate of increase in the number of tourists, with a 23 rise (2.8 million total tourists).


The scenery, beyond pretty, is closer to drop-dead gorgeous, with limestone-and-terra-cotta villages spilling down hillsides to rocky shores on islands that dot the coast from Split to Dubrovnik, where we cruised. The water is bright-clear in most places, and navigation is by eye, with the next destination usually in sight. The food was just short of spectacular, particularly seafood and lamb dishes, and the money was better than reasonable, the pricey euro having not yet made it to Croatia. The local currency, the kuna, was exchanging at about six to the U.S.

Financiaf Matters

The unit of currency in Mexico is the peso. Exchange rates can vary but at press time it took roughly 10 pesos to equal one US dollar. The good news is that Yankee dollars are readily accepted in the resort ports of the Mexican Riviera and Baja. As a rule of thumb, the more popular the destination is with Americans, the more accepted US currency will be. However, once again, this may not be the case in smaller shops, out-of-the-way places and some small towns. It's also useful to have pesos for small expenditures such as local bus transportation and telephone calls (or buying a local calling card). If you plan on doing a lot of local shopping, it may be helpful to have some pesos for cash purchases.


In countries with currency control, be sure to keep receipts for each cash advance or bank transfer. If you wish to convert local currency back into dollars as we did when we sold our four-wheel-drive safari machine you'll need proof you brought funds into the country legally and didn't earn them under the table.

Cultures and poverty

In most of the areas you visit a small gift or some hospitality on board is only human. For fishermen hooks and line are treasures and it is worthwhile carrying a stock of shiny hooks and line for gifts. Containers, especially plastic containers, are also valuable currency. In Arab countries a small packet of tea is a symbolic gift of friendship and in cultures where sweets and sugar are in short supply a packet of fairly ordinary biscuits is a treat for isolated fishermen. In places like India your rubbish can be a treasure trove for the dispossessed and at the Bolgatty Hotel it was sorted through and recycled in next to no time when left near the landing stage. For other communities a T-shirt or a hat with the name of the yacht on is a nice link between you and them and for others a pen with the yacht's name on it will also go down well. In most of the region a 'business' card with your address and other details on it is de rigeur and people you meet will expect you to have one and...

Money and shopping

The currency and shopping situation in Cuba is unusual. The national currency is the peso, subdivided into one hundred centavos, but overshadowing everything is the almighty American dollar. The government has established, an entirely arbitrary official exchange rate of one peso to the dollar, whereas the black market has established a radically different rate (which has been hovering around 20 pesos to the dollar for the past four years, but has been as high as 200 pesos to the dollar). Outside of Cuba the peso is not convertible on world currency markets, and is therefore not worth anything. To meet the needs of the burgeoning tourist industry, the government also opened dollar stores. These initially were for tourists only, and made available to tourists all kinds of goods that ordinary Cubans could not buy. Cubans themselves were not allowed to own dollars. However, many acquired dollars either through tips, or through remittances from relatives in the USA, so a substantial...


Papers and Documents. All permits, documents and currency transf-er receipts previously obtained on arrival or transfer, should be submitted, together with passports and the crew list, to the Authorities. Any changes in the crew members must be entered in the crewjst. EGYPTIAN MONEY AND CURRENCY EXCHANGE are given in appendix

Panama Canal

1 The skipper must call the Admeasurer's office (tel. 46 7293 on the Atlantic side, 52 4570 on the Pacific side) to make arrangements for Panama Canal Tonnage Certificate to be issued. In Cristobal, the Admeasurer's office is on the first floor of the Administration Building no.1105. In Balboa, the office is on the first floor of Building 729, Marine Bureau Building. The offices are open 0700-1600 Monday to Saturday. Payment must be made in cash in US dollars. Neither travellers cheques nor any other currency than dollars are accepted.


You can send letters to Poste Restante but it is better to use a private address if possible. If you are having duty-free items sent out get them sent to Langkawi which is a dutyfree island. (See the notes on Langkawi.) Telecommunications IDD system. Country code 60. Phone cards and credit card dialling to some countries including the UK, USA and Australia. Digital mobile phones with a GSM card work if your supplier has an agreement in Malaysia. Fax service from agencies and hotels in the larger centres. The telecommunications system is adequate and in general there are no problems dialling in and out. Currency The unit of currency is the Malaysian dollar or ringgit divided into 100 sen. The ringgit used to be tied to the Singapore dollar but is now one of the currencies in the basket of ASEAN currencies. Rates of exchange have been reasonably stable over the last 5 years although it lost value with the Southeast Asian slump of 1997. Banks and exchange In...


Currency The unit is the Omani riyal (OR) divided into 1000 baisa. It is a convertible currency and quite stable. At the time of writing 1GBP 0-58 OR. Banks and exchange Banks will change hard currency (US dollars and sterling GBP preferred) to riyals. There are also money changers in Muscat and Salalah.

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