Yanmar 30-hp. diesel


Chuck Paine fair weather and secluded spots, there's a cockpit shower that's delightful.

In the main cabin, on the port side, a settee surrounds a hand some trestle table. To starboard is a comf or table pilot berth that's great on overnight passages and has copious storage beneath (where we installed a water-maker to supplement the 40-gallon freshwater tank).

The galley is surprisingly functional for a small boat, with deep lockers, a relatively large icebox, and a handsome Broadwater stove. Opposite the galley, on top of a set of

Draft (board up/down) 3' 7"/7' 6" (1.09/2.29

Sail Area (sloop) 520 sq. ft. (48.3 sq. m _5,000 lb. (2,273 kg.)

large storage drawers, is the nav desk. It serves all the necessary purposes but suffers for lack of comfortable seating. Aft of the nav station is a large and comfortable quarter ber t h—an excep t i onal sea berth when needed.

The Whistler is at its best on a broad reach. The boat squirms a bit as it rides down waves, but for the most part, it's comfortable and stable to sail. Adjusti ng th e center -board helps to trim the helm, and the boat's under-4-foot draft is useful in finding a spot to anchor in small, shallow, or crowded ports.

Sailing to weather is a different matter. If a chop develops, the Whistler is hard-pressed to tack through 105 degrees, and that doesn't account for leeway.

Despite these imperfections, the Whistler inspires admiration and devotion from sailors who appreciate traditional form and aesthetic trim. Recent asking prices, from $79,000 to $135,000, reflect condition and level of outfit.

Dorsey Beard takes time off from her consulting business in Jamestown, Rhode Island, when the cruising bug bites.


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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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