* Also broker ** This directory is a list of charter companies advertising in this issue; it is editors. Classified advertisers not listed. Listings are arranged in fleet size order.

not an endorsement by the

"Charter companies" listed maintain fleets of bareboats and report that they maintain chase

boats/personnel, carry liability insurance, return security deposits in 10 working days, deliver the boat contracted (or same size, type, age, condition, or better), supply MOB gear, and offer pre-charter briefings. "Brokers" are not affiliated with any charter company; they book private or company- owned boats, crewed or bareboat. C = Crewed B = Bareboat

Cruise Club, contact Elite (866-229-0022, www.eliteisland For an overview of Festiva Resorts, contact the company (877-933-7848,

The Moorings Picks Canary Islands Partner

The Moorings has added Alboran Charters of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, to its Preferred Partner program, giving it 42 worldwide locations, including four destinations where it's joined forces with smaller, independent charter businesses to expand sailing choices for both companies' clients.

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, a popular European cruising ground located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. It benefits from the Atlantic's so-called "Canaries cold stream," which has a moderating effect on its climate. Yearly temperatures range from 64 to 78 F.

Charter boats in the fleets range from 41 to 47 feet LOA. For more details about joining the Preferred Partner program and chartering and yacht-ownership programs, contact The Moorings (888-952-8420,

Charter Companies Under One Roof

Sunsail and The Moorings charter companies are now owned by the same corporate parent, but the ramifications for vacationing sailors are still being sorted out. According to the announcement made in mid-December 2005, First Choice Holidays, Sunsail's owner, acquired Grand Expeditions, owner of The Moorings, for US$94 million. Look for more details on the impact of this move for bareboat, crewed, flotilla, and sailing-resort clients of both companies in a future Chartering News column.

Elaine Lembo


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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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