i w stay constant but shifts in direction as the day progresses; this shift is to the left in the Southern Hemisphere and to the rig ht in the Norther n Hemisphere. By late afternoon, it may blow almost parallel to the coastline. If you've ever taken a leisurely walk on a wide, sandy beach late in the day, you can attest to this effect as the sand gets blown into your eyes.

Wh en we passagemakers study the weather to understand what's in store for us as we leave for our destinations, we consider real-time information, such as satellite photos, and forecasts, such as surface analyses, weather maps, and text transmissions. The forecasts give p osit i ons of highs and lows, fronts, convergence zones, and tropical disturbances, examples of large-scale, or synoptic, occurrences. But as our sea breeze showed, weather "on the ground" can be affected by processes too small to be forecast on a map.

CUMULUS CLOUDS: Overlooking Asau Harbour by late morning, clouds form above the volcanic peaks of Savai'i, presaging a thermal sea breeze.

In meteorology, these are known as mesoscale events.

F rom a practi cal stand -point, the local sea breeze in Asau Harbour made it difficult to predict wind conditions on the open sea and might have tricked us into believing th e re was i n deed a breeze out there.

The larger-scale forecasts didn't promi se much win d when the second boat left. We on Oddly Enough dreaded having to motor, but with the spring tides of the full moon rapidly approaching, the entrance to the pass at the Iles Wallis would become rough. So we finally pulled up anchor on Saturday morning. A nice northeast sea breeze was blow-

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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