dock in Baltimore. Nautor's Mid-Atlantic salesman, Keith Yeoman, and a couple of workers from a local yard were on hand to help him unwrap the boat and bring her home.

They arrived early, obtained ID cards, and were issued hardhats before heading aboard the freighter. There, five stories above the water, they spent a couple of hours putting things in place before the longshoremen told them it was time. Van says the workers were mostly Polish and that language was a problem. But eventually they came to understand that there was no launch or other way to get to the sailboat from the freighter once Fierce Pride was afloat, so they agreed to hoist the boat with the crew already aboard.

Van and company were suspended in the air and hanging over the side of the ship when the boss arrived, shaking his head. "Thank God OSHA isn't here. We'd all be in jail," he said, just before the first Swan 46 to reach the United States, hull number eight, went for a dip.

They motored to Annapolis, where the aluminum mast was stepped, the boat was hauled, and the bottom painted. And then it was home across the bay to Oxford. Since then, the Holstons have launched their new lives as cruisers by exploring a good share of Chesapeake Bay and racking up offshore miles en route to boat shows in Newport, Rhode Island, and back to Annapolis, where the sailboat attracted a steady stream of tire kickers. Despite interest from buyers, though, it will be a while before another 46 shows up on this side of the Atlantic. Each hull is laid up and remains in the cradle until in-

Fierce Pride's warm, bright main cabin (top) features a nav table/game table to starboard with comfortable seating under way; the flat-panel screen above it does double duty as an entertainment and shipboard information center. The forward cabin (above) is roomy, with a double berth to port and a dressing table and drawers to starboard. The daggerboard trunk extends into both main and forward cabins.

ternal structures are added, according to Swan rep Steve Barker. In this process, production is limited to approximately one new boat a month. Hull number 21, due for delivery in 2007, will be the next to reach the U.S. East Coast.

Sails Ho!

After her maiden voyage to New England over Labor Day weekend and during the two-week leisurely sail home at the close of the Newport show, Van said he knew he'd made the right choice. "It seemed to point as well as the 44. It certainly is much faster, and it's equally stiff,"

he said. "The boat is very comfortable."

Indeed, step aboard its teak decks and the 46 feels like a solid, elegant platform upon which to launch a journey—or a simple daysail. Hoist the main and unfurl the nonoverlapping headsail and you'll find plenty of power amid the sailboat's well-heeled surroundings.

On a rainy fall day following the Annapolis boat show, Yeoman, his colleague Jack Gierhart of Swan USA, and I barreled toward the Annapolis Bay Bridge at just over 7 knots with a 10-knot breeze blowing on our beam. Drizzle be damned—we were having a great ride. With its daggerboard down and sailing hard on the breeze, Fierce Pride settled into a comfortable heel as the wind built to 20 knots, and we managed to nudge her a few degrees higher.

The 46 comes in two flavors, a keel model that draws 7 feet 3 inches, and the shallow-draft, daggerboard version that sports twin rudders and draws 4 feet 4 inches with the board up and just over 11 feet with it down. Nautor's Barker believes the shoal draft makes the 46 a good choice for those who choose to frequent relatively shallow bays such as the Chesapeake and cruising grounds such as the Bahamas.

The 14-foot beam of the 46 allows for wide side decks and a broad cockpit with steering stations on either side. A split mainsheet attaches to the cockpit sole between the helms when under way, but it can be moved to the side and out of the way when the sails are furled. One quickly warms to this arrangement, since it allows for uncluttered walk-through access to the fold-down boarding ladder and stern swim platform.

Heading out of Eastport's Back Channel under power, Yeoman tugged on the main halyard, bringing the sail about halfway up before letting the electric winch atop the cabin do the heavy lifting. The main, with its split sheet running aft on either side outboard of the cockpit, is trimmed by electric self-tailing winches mounted within easy reach of either steering station; jib sheets are led to their own winches just a bit farther forward. All other sail controls lead aft from the mast through tunnels to cabin-top organizers that sit under a stow-away, fold-down dodger. It was a snap for two to get sails set and trimmed, and the boat settled down.

Skip Novak isfTfje^nsummat^^t^^ffiieai with a passioi|jrc>iJJjventure.

Transpac recort£navigator, Exp/ore^B Yokohama to Silmifmisdo record: coRfflff The Race: co-sklflBBgintwaf/on ExplgWjtt

A natural resultloiflyeiirs of oceJ^B company Pelagi&wffidltions offerffieffi adventure throu^hl^ffiety of "go aMlflri anything" sailing e$|Jitions to higMBtffl destinations—inbilfflffi Antarctica. Menfi range from filmmaftiffind scientist!«) I extreme sportsm^nnMstudents. |

1251 E, Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee, Wi 53072 Tel: 262-691-3320, Fax: 262-691-3008 Email: [email protected],%eb: www.harken.com Harken recommends Teaiffi/lcLube Sailkote®

Pelagic Australis was built to sail in the most remote areas on earth. We never go to Jf marinas because there are none, and the ^ commercial docks we bunker at are rough arrangements. I chose Harken furling because I needed a reliable, easy-to-operate system that could stand up to long passages, handle the weather and not require a lot of maintenance. Being able to furl and unfurl headsails from the safety of the cockpit is key. We can sail the boat under control, while protecting crew from the frigid blasts of wind and sea."

Skip Novak

Pelagic Expeditions www.discovery2001.co.uk/pelagic/index.htm

[iH^jjiiai, Sjiilu-di

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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