Other Considerations

For extended sailing, it pays to have headphone adaptors on all radios. This way the navigator can listen to weather reports without disturbing the off watch. It's also very helpful to have a built-in tape recorder, or a rack for your personal tape recorder near the radios so you can tape weather broadcasts. If reception is poor, you may need the tape to

Photo by Ma bin a Expeditions

replay several times to get the message. Other times you may he busy or needed on deck. You can have the tape set up and the radio tuned, turn them on when your wrist alarm goes off, atid go back to whatever duty calls. Or you can ask someone to turn on the tape and radio at a particular time so you can sleep.

One thing ! learned the hard way a long time ago was the value of a small, battery-operated nav station fan. (figure 1: G) Its purpose is simply to help cool off the navigator in hot weather. And before you start hollering wimp, wimp, wimp, let me provide an ocean racing scenario from back in the days when we actually used eel nav.

It's 90" 011 deck in the tropics with a nice breeze, but it is well over ioo° below decks with no breeze. Eight sailors have been living in a 9 x 25 x 6-foot space for 12 days with no laundry service. A forgotten can of frozen orange juice somehow got misplaced in a locker and exploded a week ago, and the boat is pitching and rolling in the trades. The other seven crew are on deck having a great time in the fresh air, on their way to setting an elapsed time record that will last 20 yeaTS—but the navigator is below decks with head spinning in the wooze, working out sun sights that must be finished in ail hour for the afternoon position report. Now wouldn't you grant this poor devil a small fani1 w


JUNE 96 - EPIRBs; Cockpit canvas for heavy weather: new canvas products, repair & maintenance AUGUST 96 - Hand-bearing compasses; Heavfng-to the modern way, with techniques for fin-keel boats OCT. 96 - Storm jibs for voyagers; Crew-over board tests, Part II: the latest in crew-over board devices NOV. 96 - Inside eight blue water autopilots; High-powered spotlights tested: Passage to the Caribbean JAN. 97 - Seasickness report: modern remedies; Inside the Mason 43; Classic passage to New Brunswick FEBRUARY 97 - Sea anchors; Tartan 37; Battery monitors for onboard charging systems; Passage to Yucatan, Mexico APRIL 97- Provision for offshore sailing; Interview-Jean Myer; Passage to Jamaica and back; J/40 MAY 97 - Provisioning, Part II, for long-range cruising; Canning and preserving food; interview - Cabot Lyman; passage from Hawaii to Tahiti; Shannon 43 JUNE97 - Solar panel installation & maintenance; Nigel Calder;Tayana 37; Passage: England. JULY 97 - Refrigeration systems for long-range cruising; Seamanship: the roller fiirling has Jammed in a gale; passage to Polynesia; Interview with Bob Perry AUGUST 97 - Wind generators for living aboard; Classic passage via the Atlantic Isles; Retrieving the main halyard at sea; Inside the revolutionary fox 50 NOV 97 - Windlasses for voyaging boats; Interview -Alvah Simon; Lee cloths for your sea berths; Inside the Pearson 424; Winter in the Med DECEMBER 97 -Trade wind rigs that work; Understanding shipping lanes; Inside the Oyster 55 MAGAZINE FORMAT:

JANUARY 98 - Caribbean 1500; Planning a circumnavigation; Caliber 40 ¡¿Tanton 45; Mayday responses APRIL 98 - Self-steering options, preparing for heavy weather at sea, Farr 50, Nautor Swan 38 JUNE 98 - Blue Water Sails Special Report, Mainsail repairs, dew point

JULY/AUGUST 98 - Unsinkable boats; Heavy weather sailing; Perry Custom 43

SEPT 98-Around Alone Preview; Custom & Semi Custom boats special report;Tartan 40; Passages toAK. Bob Perry on cruising sleds, pad 1

OCT 98 - Jan & Bob Crandall's Oyster 485; Stow a bit dinghies gear review; Admiral/Pedrick 75, Interview with Mark Schrader; Bob Perry on cruising sleds, part 2 NOV/DEC 98 -Treasured cruising destinations; Etap's unsinkable boats; Freedom 56; Foul weather gear; Winter reads; Passages to the Caribbean JAN 99 - E-maif offshore; Hylas 54; Nautitech 435; Sandy Strait, Australia

FEB 99 - Seagoing computers, part 1 - Inside offshore laptops, communications at sea; Sabre 452; Seamanship: Becalmed; Escape to Fiji

Back Issues are $6 each plus s/h charges

MARCH 99 - Seagoing computers, part 2 -power management, software & components ;Ttie offshore retrofit; Moody 44; Fast Passage 39; Sein deer/Morris 48.6; Sydney-Hobart aftermath

MAY 99- New Sundeer 60 on a 1 ZOO-mile passage; Roller-furiing mainsails; Anchoring for world voyagers, Part 2; Cruising Cuba; The Offshore Retrofit, Part 2; Seawind 30 Ketch, interview with Scott & Kitty Kühner; Tropical to ExtratropicaI Transitions JUNE 99 -Trade Wind Sailing: rigs, sails, whisker poles; Cabo Rico 40; Aerodyne 46; Cruising Indonesia; Spindrift 10 dinghy; Heavy weather prep JULY/AUGUST 99 - Heavy Weather Sailing, Special Report; Classic Passage- Landfall Polynesia;The Dufour 45 Classic; Bob Perry's Lexicon of Yacht Design; The Ship's Barometer

SEPT 99 - Refrigeration for voyaging boats; Mainsail choices; Seagoing galleys; Making a marriage work offshore; Foul-weather gear; Serendipity 43; Horizon 48 OCTOBER 99 - Electronic navigation chart programs tested and reviewed; Refrigeration- insulating the reefer box; Beneteau 411; Saga 35; Alert- man-overboard gear test; Dan Becker's Atlantic Grcle NOV/DEC 99 - Alberg 35- converting a coastal cruiser to an ocean voyager for $45,000; Oyster 62; 20-Twentieth Century breakthroughs; Provisioning; Headsails; Sailing Foundation Tether Study; Pacific Circle Cruise JANUARY 2000 - Welcome to the Digital Chart Tabfe, Caribbean Cruising; Island effects in the trades; How to stow your stuff ; Shannon 47; Explorer 44; Island Packet 29

FEBRUARY 2000 - Metal cruising boats; cruise the Caribbean; Westerly Oceanlord 41 MARCH 2000 - Going Far 4 Foreign- retrofitting your boat; Classic Passage to Maine; Review of ¡(-Yachts 442; Center Cockpits

APRIL2000 - Life Rafts for voyagers; Beneteau 38 after 70,000 miles; Air-sea rescue; Moody 46 and 1/46; Bill Cook 53 Motorsailer; Caribbean 1500 special report MAY 2000 - Leave a clean wake; storm tactics; Transatlantic weather routing; Aerodyne Sooth 35; Mojo- 68 foot Nelson Marek

JULY/AUGUST 2000 - Cost of cruising; cruising with guns; Nordic 44; Offshore Explorer 4750; Outbound 44 SEPTEMBER 2000 - Stellar 52; Contour 47; Bob Perry on Voyaging Rigs; Classic Passage- Juan de Foca to Panama; Europe New Man One Star Race Report OCTOBER 2000 - 5oth Issue!; sail to Bermuda on Island Packet 420; diesel details; Panama to Florida NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2000 -8T Challenge, Inflatable life vests, Exploring Iceland, Diesel maintenance, leanneau 45.2

JANUARY 2001- Electronic Navigation; Watchkeeping for Couples St Small Crews; No problem in theTuamotus;

Prout Quest 33; Keeping your engine cool FEBRUARY 2001- Lessons abound on a Caribbean crossing; Communications offshore; Home schooling at sea, pt 2; Morris 45

MARCH 2001 - The navigator's bag of tricks; Rally Sailing; Hallberg-Rassy 46; Alberg 30; Capsized and Dismasted In the Southern Ocean APRIL 2001 - Cruise Panama & San Bias; diy diesel repair; Aerodyne 38 & Beneteau 47; rescue at sea MAY 2001 - Heineken Regatta 2001; The News from Or. Snooze; Medical Insurance Afloat; X-482;The Gulf Stream

JUNE 2001 - Weather at Sea; Canning and Dehydrating Food; DIY Engine Alignment; The Med; Fast Passage 40 JULY/AUGUST 2001 - Guide to World Sailing Adventures, Cruising Indonesia, Health and the Offshore Sailor, Aerodyne 47

SEPTEMBER 2001 - In-boomfurlers, Living the cruising life-a reality check, North to Sulawesi,Cabo Rico 45,Ttie Unsinkable cruiser-Etap 39s JANUARY 2002 - Latest tools & techniques for offshore navigators, Choosing the right propeller, the Balearics, J/40 refit, Bahamas bound

MARCH 2002 - New England to the Canadian Maritimes, Cruising mulithulls, Oiesei engine electrics,without a fridge, squalls, Saga 35

APRIL 2002 - Perfect dinghy, Comfort afloat, staysails, Gulf Stream Crossing, North Wind 43, Wharram Cats MAY 2002 - Cruising Central America's Rio Dulce, sail trim solutions, hand bearing compasses, cruising w/steel, Silver Phantom 44

fUNE 2002 - Personal gear for safety and comfort, Fiji Bound, Cordage, aluminum cruisers from France, Labrador

AUGUST 2002 - Emergencies at Sea, Radar, Cruising Turkey's turquoise coast, close call with a supertanker, Oehler 39

SEPTEMBER 2002 - New boats, South Pacific, Sailling Iceland, The Japanese Isles, Hot new gear OCTOBER 2002 - Annual Gallery of Great Blue Water Boats, Rangiroa, latest on 12-volt DC generators NOVEMBER 2002- Bali, Battery systems basics, Oyster 49, Scotland's west coast, south to the Caribbean IANUARY 2003 - Cuba, Modern nav systems, Outbound 44,getting over opening hurdles in bluewater sailing MARCH 2003 - Modern mulithulls, Provisioning your boat in foreign lands, Island Packet 385, Voyage of Nakomis part II

APRIL 2003 - Dinghies, tenders, liferafts; After 50,000 miles on a Hylas 54, Kanter 54, Nakomis pt III MAY 2003 - Sails for cruisers, Gulf Stream passage; LA to Hawaii; North Wind 58, Beneteau 57, Voyage of Nakomis pt IV

1UNE 2003, St.Petersburg, Russia, Alberg 30, Beneteau 423 test

JULY 2003- World Sailing Adventures, Caribbean weather, Leopard 47, Norway's fjords DECEMBER 2003- Cabin heaters, around the world on $30,000, Block Island to NZ, Marquesas to theTuamotus,

Morris 51

JANUARY 2004- Selecting crew, negotiate Rangiroa Pass, Gulf of Mexico, Wauquiez Prétorien 35, powered winches

MARCH 2004- Multihulls, antifouling paints, cruising the Caribbean, GMDSS

APRIL 2004 - Costs ot cruising, sail Antarctica, outboard engines, X-43

MAY 2004 - Weather secrets, latest in safety & gear. Saga 48, Design competition winners JUNE 2004 - Anchors, headsails, read weather maps. Lagoon 410, Cabo Rico 42 Pilothouse SEPTEMBER 2004 - Polynesia to Christmas Island, the best new mono & muiithutls, tatalina 470 OCTOBER 2004 - Strait of Malacca, barometers, hurricanes-surviving Charley, Oyster 62, Valiant 50 NOVEMBER 2004 - Crossing the Pacific, Malta toTurkey, cruising Cartagena, fitting out on a budget. Caliber 47 LRC SE,Tartan 34

DECEMBER 2004 - Cruise & charter Belize, Bahamas, Pacific NW, Italy, Cigale 14

JANUARY 2005 - Offshore navigation & communications, hurricane season, PS

FEBRUARY 2005 - 100th Issue!, multihulls, Ted Hood's No Compromise 54

MARCH 2005 - Worldwide cruising roundup, exploring South Georgia Island, best in binoculars, bilge pump that work, Navy 44

APRIL 2005 - Communications for cruisers, motorsail-ers, Bermuda & back, walchkeepitig MAY 2005 - Joys of sailing offshore, 10 family friendly rallies, watertight doors, San Diego to Virginia, Najad 440, boat schooling

JUNE 2005 -Personal safety gear, Fiji Isles, St. Lawrence River pt. 1, sealants, compounds & adhesiues, J 65 JULY 2005 - BVis, St. Lawrence pt. 2, cruising as young adults

AUGUST 2005 - Panama Canal. Intracoastal Waterway, wreck & salvage in the South Pacific, Bruckmann 50 motorsaiter

SEPTEMBER 2005 - 33 new cruising boats for 2006, 24,000 miles aboard a Hunter 466, the 'Great Loop', 100 tips hurricane safety

OCTOBER 2005-6 ways to save a man overboard, cruise Alaska, Ca ta I in a 440

NOVEMBER 2005 - turn your boat into a passagemaker, downwind sailing, Gulf Stream, cruising stories around the world

DECEMBER 2005 - Discover paradise under sail, great gifts, Hunter 45CC

JANUARY 2006 - High-tech communications, storm passage, sail repair, Island Packet 440 FEBRUARY 2006 - Cruising mulithulls, cell phone solutions, Hallberg-Rassy 62

MARCH 2006 -Your summer sailing vacation, 10 rallies & events you can join. Seamanship quiz, 20 ways to build sailing & cruising skills. Shannon 43 APRIL 2006 - Cruising stories from around the world. 38 tips for trouble-free cruising; the spring launch.

high-tech hurricane tracking, Dufour 385

MAY 2006 - 37 personal safety tips; how clouds forecast weather; Swan 46

JUNE Z006 - 10 ways to build your skills; why women love the cruising life; Herb Hilgenberg; Tartan 3400 JULY 2006 - World Sailing Adventures; England to the Med via French Canals; Insulation; Hanse 400 AUGUST 2006 - Cruising chef; securing for a hurricane; email; Newfoundland; Beneteau 423, Ovni 395 SEPTEMBER 2006 - New cruisers for 2007; Suwarrow; heavy weather sailing; Estonia OCTOBER 2006 - ln-water lay up; passage planning; Hunter, Jeanneau, Beneteau 49s, rallies NOVEMBER 2006 - Fitting out for cruising; fear at sea; N.A. ocean conveyor; Etap 46 & Morris 42 DECEMBER 2006 - Great cruising destinations; Gibralter to Morocco; energy systems afloat JANUARY 2007 - Communication systems, motorsailers & trawlers, sleep at anchor

FEBRUARY 2007 - Cruising multihulls, Caribbean Ï500, bow thrusters

MARCH 2007 - Summer sailing vacations, better sail trim, cruising on a budget

APRIL 2007 - Tips to prepare for the sailing season,Ted

Hood's Expedition 55, transatlantic in a trawler

MAY 2007 - Safety at sea, running rigging, fusion 40,

Mahe 36, Island Packet SP Cruiser

JUNE 2007 - Seamanship, cruising with kids, shorthanded sailing, Oyster 53

JULY 2007 - Annual guide to World Sailing Adventures, clearing customs in the Caribbean, Hallberg-Rassy 48 SEPTEMBER 2007 -19 new cruising boats, first ocean passage, buying a new mainsail, Kodlak, AK, OCTOBER 2007 - Seamanship, buying headsails, South Pacific, Hunter 4505, Kadey Krogen 55, Nordbavn 56 NOVEMBER 2007 - Fitting out your boat for world cruising, buying downwind sails, Elan434, Outbound 52 DECEMBER 2007 - Cruising & charter destinations, installing an autopilot, buying a multihull JANUARY 2008- Navigation, communication Ssafety systems, AiS, Island Packet 465, Novis 40, Grand Banks 52 FEBRUARY 2008 - Identity theft prevention, accidental gybes, genset blues, multihull madness, Morris 45 MARCH 2008-Fitting a windvane, summer sailing vacation guide, Atlantic crossing, Najad 44 AC APRIL 2008 -Aground & overboard in the Arctic, annual guide to fitting out, marine refrigeration. Outbound 52 MAY 2008 - Multihullsfor cruisers, Caribbean passages, Lagoon 420, Safety at Sea

JUNE 2008 - Rigging a sea anchor,cruising Hawaii, bottom paint, installing a windlass, Beneteau 43 JULY 2008 - Sailing from Canada to Ireland, trawler schools, BVl, crimping terminals, Cata lin a 375 AUGUST 2008 - Multihull keels vs daggerboards, maine coast cruising, provisioning, LED lights, Tartan 4300 SEPTEMBER 2008 - Circumnavigating Antigua, new cruising boats, foul weather gear, Hanse 54Oe OCTOBER 2008 - Inside modern cruising boats, boom preventer, Virgin Islands exploration,cruising catamarans

Order by phone: 888-800-SA1L (7245) or www.bwsailing.com Visit our website for all back issues

NOVEMBER 2008 - Upgrading your boat, explore Alaska, light air sailing, Seawind 1000 XL DECEMBER 2008 - Multfhulls for cruising, alternative energy systems, best charter deals, Admiral 40 JANUARY 2009 - Cruise Curacao to Cartagena; Robinson Crusoe Island: the missing generation; communication systems; blister-free hulls; Jeanneau 44i FEBRUARY 2009 - Cruising Indonesia; Dobroson 50; Kadey Krogen 58; offshore navigation MARCH 2009 - Celestial navigation; cruising in the Middle East; exploring the Jumentos, summer sailing vacation guide; Berry is, Jekyll Is, Cuttyhunk Is; shoal draft sailers

APRIL 2009 - Fitting out your boat; refitting in foreign ports; cruising the French canals; Kadey Krogen 55 MAY 2009 - Summer charter bargains; keep your diesel running; Hunter 50 CC

JUNE 2009 - Florida's DryTortugas; cruising Maine; refit inTrinidad; passagemaking, anchoring, sail trim; J 31 JULY 2009 - Catching fish; Baltic Sea odyssey; world sailing adventures; Catalina 445; Jeanneau 57 AUGUST 2009 - Cruising 'green'; navigation apps for your ¡Phone; Norstar 40; Rustler 44 SEPTEMBER 2009 - Bahamas cruising guide; Panama Canal transit, 19 blue water boats OCTOBER 2009 - Cruising across the Atlantic, winter charters, repowering in paradise, Morris 52 NOVEMBER 2009 - Fitting out for world cruising; sailing seamanship; Papua New Guinea, Rivolta 43 Vintage DECEMBER 2009 - Chartering in the Mediterranean; racing solo to Bermuda; Grand So lei I 545 JANUARY 2010- Offshore navigator; Bahamas; lightning strikes; 12 sailor's knots; Pacific Seacraft 40 FEBRUARY 2010 - Exercises onboard; the cost of cruising; Suex Canal transit; Oyster 655 MARCH 2010 - Cruising the Behm, Alaska; cruising at age 11; dismasting; summer sailing; Presto 30 sharpie

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