Restricted Areas

Special regulations are in force with regard to the stay of aliens and foreign ships within these areas. The regulations affecting ships and hovercraft are summarized below.

Foreign ships may without permission remain within a restricted area for a maximum of 72 hours successively at an anchorage and mooring as prescribed by the Swedish authorities. This period includes the time for passage through the restricted area to and from the place.

Foreign ships may without permission make use of such channels, shipping lanes and fairways in the restricted areas as are prescribed by the Swedish authorities. Passage through restricted areas shall be made without unnecessary stops and shall be for the purpose of direct passage or going to or from places where foreign vessels are permitted to be.

Should a foreign ship anchor or moor within a restricted area at a place where this is not permitted, the master of the ship shall at once inform the police, the customs or pilot authorities or the military authorities of the circumstance.

Such a report made to another authority than the police in the district in question where the ship has anchored or moored shall be passed on to the police authorities who in their turn shall inform the defense area commandant. Once the report has been made, only in an emergency shall the ship have any communication with land without the permission of the police.

If a foreign ship anchors or moors in a restricted area the police or customs authorities shall as soon as possible examine the ship's papers and the identification papers of those on board and also remind the ship's master of the relevant regulations pertaining to aliens who wish to leave the ship.

It is incumbent upon the ship's master to provide the requisite information concerning the ship and those on board.

Foreign ships may obtain permission to stay in the restricted area for a longer time or at another place or fairway than prescribed above.

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