Career Summary

1783: Probable year that Bethia's keel was laid

5 May 1787: Lord Sydney writes to the Admiralty informing them of His Majesty's desire to promote the interests of the West India Planters and Merchants

9 May 1787: Admiralty receives Lord Sydney's letter and instructs the Navy Board to purchase a suitable vessel for a South Seas mission

10 May 1787: Navy Board advertises for a ship

16 May 1787: Navy Board considers the purchase of one of five ships with one latecomer

17 May 1787: Navy Board reports to the Admiralty that they intend to buy Bethia

21 May 1787: Admiralty informs the Navy Board that Sir Joseph Banks is to view Bethia

23 May 1787: Deptford Yard submits its report on Bethia to the Navy Board 26 May 1787: Bethia purchased and moved to Deptford Yard

31 May 1787: Admiralty gives directions to the Navy Board concerning Bethia's fitting out

6 June 1787: Deptford reports to the Navy Board regarding guns, masts and yards

8 June 1787: Sir Joseph Banks attends Bethia; the Admiralty instructs the Navy Board to have Bounty registered on the list of Royal Navy Ships; the Navy Board specifies changes that are to be made to Bounty's masts and yards

20 June 1787: Deptford officers report to Navy Board concerning Bounty's boat requirements

25 June 1787: Deptford Yard sends draughts of Bounty showing proposed changes to the Navy Board

6 July 1787: Navy Board returns altered draughts to Deptford Yard

14 August 1787: Bounty undocked

16 August 1787: Admiralty appoints Lieutenant William Bligh to command Bounty, and orders the Navy Board to have her manned with a crew of forty-five and victualled for twelve months (Bligh states that Bounty was 'stored and victualled for eighteen months') 30 August 1787: Admiralty directs the Navy Board to have Bounty's masts and yards cut down in accordance with Bligh's request

3 September 1787: Bounty brought alongisde the masting hulk

4 September 1787: masts unstepped and cut down

9 October 1787: Bounty moved to Long Reach

15 October 1787: ordered to Spithead 4 November 1787: arrives at Spithead

24 November 1787: Lord Hood orders Bounty to sail

23 December 1787: Bounty sails from Spithead

24 December 1787 - 3 January 1788: Passage to Tenerife 4 January - 10 January 1788: provisioning at Tenerife

11 January - 22 March 1788: passage to Cape Horn

23 March - 21 April 1788: Bounty tries unsuccessfully to round Cape Horn

22 April - 23 May 1788: passage to Cape of Good Hope

24 May - 28 June 1788: provisioning and repair work at False Bay 29 June - 19 August 1788: passage to Adventure Bay

20 August - 3 September 1788: provisioning at Adventure Bay 4 September - 25 October 1788: passage to Tahiti

26 October 1788: Bounty anchors at Matavai Bay, Tahiti

27 October 1788 - 3 April 1789: at Tahiti

4 April 1789: Bounty leaves Tahiti

5 April - 27 April 1789: Bounty sails westward towards Endeavour Strait

28 April 1789: Fletcher Christian leads a successful mutiny against Bligh and takes command of Bounty

May - September 1789: Christian, in command of Bounty 3 searches for refuge in the South Seas

23 January 1790: Bounty run aground at Pitcairn Island; she is stripped and burned

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