Fishermans bend

Also known as: Anchor bend

If the cow hitch is the least secure of the hitches, the fisherman's bend is the most stable. Simply formed by making two turns around the post or through the ring and then tucking the working end through both turns, the knot is widely used by sailors to moor their boats at the quayside. Extra security can be provided by adding a half hitch.

The knot's other name-the anchor bend-derives from the fact that sailors use it to tie on the anchor ring, although a stopper knot should be added for safety's sake.

cat's paw

Because the strain is equal on both sides, this is the best hook knot for rope of medium diameter, it has lung been used by dock workers and sailors to sling heavy loads, and the name cat's paw has been current since at least the early 18th century. When a single part of a loaded rope is hung over a hook, the line is weakened by about one-third. A cat's paw, securely drawn up, gives the additional assurance that, should one leg break, the other will last long enough to allow the load to be safely lowered to the ground.

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