Spanish bowline

Also knoivn as: Chair knot

This is an extremely strong knot that is used by firemen (when it is known as the chair knot), coastguards and mountain rescuers. Like the bowline on a bight, it is an ancient knot, which is formed of two separate and independent loops that hold securely, even under considerable strain. One loop is slipped over the casualty's head, around the back and under the armpits; the other loop goes around both legs, just behind the knees. It is vital that each loop is adjusted to size and locked into position, otherwise an unconscious casualty could easily fall - perhaps to his or her death - through the loops.

Whats Bowline Knot Used ForSpanish Bowline

Once the angler's loop is mastered, il can he lied very quickly, Qnü it is also a Vify secure und stable knot. Callipers use it in a variety of ways;

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