It Aint Flipper Stop Your Boat from Porpoising

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The higher you trim the bow, the faster the boat will go until you overtrim, at which point the prop and speed can't support the bow and it falls off, or drops the bow back to the surface.

This creates fore-and-aft rocking called porpoising. In the extremes, it's a bit like riding a bucking horse. You stop it by trimming in a bit, or by giving more throttle, because the faster you go, the more weight the combination of engine power, prop, and hull design can support.

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What if your boat porpoises all the time? Chances are you have too much weight forward, making it impossible for the prop to adequately lift the bow. A quick fix is to move passengers, ice chests, or other heavy gear aft. Or you may want tc switch from a three-blade prop to a four-blade—the added blade area sometimes helps in giving more lift.

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