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I've already touched on the subject of transfers from the airport to your ship. It's easy if the cruise line will be providing the transfers (that is, you book through their air program). Otherwise, the best bet in most places is to take a taxi, which can cost a considerable amount. Public transportation between the airport and cruise ship terminal in all of the gateway cities for Mexican Riviera and Baja cruises is-to put it mildly-very limited and can't be considered as a practical solution. In other words, do you really want to lug around four pieces of luggage on a train or bus?

If you chose to take part in a pre-cruise tour of the gateway city, all transportation to the ship will be included. Independent travelers will once again have to make their own way but can minimize inconvenience by choosing a hotel that is relatively close to the cruise ship terminal. Some hotels in these locations will provide complimentary shuttle service. Alternatively, if you had been renting a car in the gateway city you should be able to return it close to the cruise ship terminal.

Many cruise lines offer passengers who make their own flight arrangements the option to add ground transfers to and from the ship. The fee for this service is very high and it will almost always be less expensive to take a taxi. Inquire at the time of your booking if this is available and what the cost will be. Your first priority as an independent traveler is to make sure that you allow enough time to make the transfer without missing your cruise ship's departure time. I cannot emphasize enough that the safest way to do this (and the most relaxing) is to arrive in your embarkation city on the day before your sailing date.

In the section on gateway cities, page 153, there will be directions to the cruise ship terminal for those of you who plan to drive to the port. Again, make sure you allow enough time for the drive, traffic, parking your car and checking in. The aforementioned section will also provide details on things like charges for parking and how much time to allow between the airport and the cruise ship port.


No one likes to think about the possibility of becoming ill while on vacation. However, a little advance planning and precaution is necessary because such things do, unfortunately, occur. The things to know about helping to ensure a healthy cruise can be divided into two separate issues: health on the ship and health on shore.

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