Fawn harbour

Fawn Harbour is twenty-seven miles east of Point Passage. It is a large harbour with a choice of several anchorages. Approaching the reef on a northerly heading Naikasa Passage is marked by four beacons. No. 1 inside the reef edge is left to starboard followed by a dog-leg to starboard to leave No. 2 to port. Nos. 3 & 4 mark the inner end of the 200 metre wide and 30 metre deep passage. Although the water is a little murky we had no difficulty in identifying the reefs.

We anchored in the channel to the west, behind the main reef, in the lee of Nanuacaiwai in 10 metres, sand bottom. The water was clear enough for snorkelling and there were some interesting shells to be found on the reef flats at low tide.

On our second visit we anchored in the mangrove lined bay to the west, 6 metres, mud bottom.

An alternative anchorage may be found off the plantation house in the north-east arm of the harbour.

pakuniba passage and bays (Ndakunimba)

CHART: BA416, F51

Dakuniba Passage is 100 metres wide and marked by two beacons at the inner end. Lining up summits 840 and 1440 will bring you to the pass.

North-east of the pass are two bays. Dakuniba village lies in the west bay. We found a snug anchorage in the mangrove lined east bay, 10 metres mud bottom. As you approach the bay look out for the coral heads indicated on the sketch chart.

benauiwai narrows


From Dakuniba Boat Passage it is possible to continue around the south coast of Vanua Levu inside the barrier reef to Viani Bay and beyond. Depths range from 10 to 20 metres. There are several coral patches and narrows to be negotiated so this route should only be attempted in good light conditions. We took this route from east to west in the morning and found no difficulty.

From Dakuniba Passage head east until you encounter a long arm of diying reef that extends south-west from the fringing reef, south of Nabaka towards the barrier reef. Pass around the end of this arm, where there is a stake marking the barrier reef side of the gap.

On a heading of 096 deg. True with the headland north of Benauiwai in line with the southern edge of Naborogo continue for about 0.6 miles. Before you reach a coral patch marked by a stake, alter to a heading of 156 deg. True, with Nabaka astern, and continue until close to the barrier reef. Then alter to a heading of 086 deg. True with the southern tip of Benauiwai in line with the southern tip of Naborogo.

As you approach Benauiwai look out for a shallow patch with only 2 metre's over it which lies to the south-west of the islet. Pass close around the southern end of Benauiwai where the depth is 10 metres and then pass north of the coral patches marked by stakes. From this point a course of 093 deg. True will lead you south of Naborogo.

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