RABI Rambi

CHARTS: BA416, F 51

Rabi is populated by Micronesian Banabans resettled from Ocean Island in Kiribati which was dug up to supply phosphates to the 'civilised' world. It provides an opportunity to see a little of the Gilbert Island people and their culture.

katherine bay

This anchorage lies at the southern end of Rabi and provides protection from all but south-west winds. Anchor in 7 to 9 metres, mud bottom, towards the head of the bay.

An old dock with a copra shed gives access to Baukonikai village where you should report to the village policeman or warden. The church is worth a visit and you will see examples of Gilbert Island outrigger canoes and perhaps even a traditional house, although these are few.

Good snorkelling was found off the reef at the west point of the bay.

albert cove

This anchorage is situated at the northern end of Rabi and is approached through Georgia Channel. The reef 2.5 miles to the west off Elizabeth Cove is continuous and then breaks up into large coral heads which are clearly visible in good light conditions. The reef to the north of Albert Cove is continuous and provides a good lead in to the entrance.

Anchor in the north-east part of the cove where sand patches will be found in depths sloping from 8 to 15 metres.

Villagers from Elizabeth Cove have gardens near the beach and fish the adjacent reefs.

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