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A Legend Reborn

If cruising comforts take a backseat to practicality and high performance, the new Columbia 30 is worth a closer look

Not only is the Columbia Yachts logo back in business; Vince Valdes, the son of Columbia's founder, now heads the company, and his new boat is faster and more fun to sail than its predecessors.

This boat is anything but your father's classic Columbia 34. Introduced at the 2004

A Legend Reborn

Ralph Roberts Sailing

U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, the trailer-able Columbia 30 is a no-nonsense sportboat that can serve as a club racer or a performance cruiser that trades amenities for sailing thrills. The berths are comfortable, and there's a head, a small dinette table, and a rudimen tary galley, but under sail is where this boat shines.

Initially, I was a little disappointed when I put the boat on a close reach in 10 to 15 knots true. We only managed to stay even with a particular 37-foot cruiser not known for alacrity. We luffed up, and two Chesapeake Bay crab-pot

Columbia Yachts has made an aggressive re-entry into the sailing market with, so far, eight swift Columbia 30s.

buoys surfaced. Free of this handicap, the Columbia 30 vaulted by the cruiser and picked off large cruising mul-tihulls on a reach. The tiller had a fingertip feel, and foot i *

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