Whisker Poles


Whether blue water cruising or "jib & main" racing, you need a whisker pole to efficiently sail downwind. A telescoping Forespar® whisker pole allows you to quickly sail the shortest downwind route and keeps your headsail filled out from behind the mainsails wind-shadow.

Forespar® offers two types of adjustable length whisker poles. Our aluminum Twist Lock™ poles lock into position with a simple turn of the wrist and come in a variety of sizes for boats 16-28 feet.

Our patented Line Control™ poles can be easily adjusted from the mast by simply pulling and cleating a line. For boats 28-55 feet, they offer simplified length control in poles made from aluminum, carbon fiber or our popular 50/50 carbon and aluminum combination.

All larger poles come with Forespar's strong, yet lightweight Ultra™ end fittings. See your local dealer for proper sizing or visit our website for more information.


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