Aim Of This Pilot

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Although ónh .. sh ti distance (róm Europe, the Maghreb re prevents a huge leap in cultures and my d;-s:n :s also ro enable the yachtsman visiting for rhe :o feel informed, know what ro expect and to quickly adjust in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the rich culture and history of the area. TTic adventurous yachtsman will find information on almost every port in North Africa, from the eastern lunisian border with Libya to the southern Moroccan Atlantic ports bordering Mauritania, a coastline of around 2,300 miles.

The plans have been simplified in order ro present relevant information onlv. Ilie harbour information is based on experience gained from visiting the ports.

Almost any visitor to North Africa will want to see the many historical sights all over rhe region. For this reason, more historical information is included than would normally be rhe ease m a nautical pilot and sailing handbook.

Keiibia, Tunisia: one of many ancient fortresses around the coast Graham Hurt

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