Al Hoceima Port



Escollera del Sur may also visit. It is not uncommon for up to ten officials to come aboard, all with their heavy boots on! Each seems to want to look around and fill in endless forms. It is similar to the situation in Algeria, though why here, is a mystery. Very late reports at the end of 2004 indicate things may be improving.


Water and electricity Recently laid on the jetty at Los Islotes, but unavailable to yachts. Fuel Can be delivered in drums, although pumps are expected to be installed.

Provisions Bread can be boLight in the tea house near the fish hall. A large supermarket has opened S of the harbour. For other supplies climb up to the village or take a taxi. At the end of the road leading from the Muelle de Ribera up to the village is an alimentation general and butcher. Alternatively take the steps behind Hotel Quemado which lead to the centre of town where there arc several small shops. The market is on the other side of town. Post office In the centre of the village. Telephone In the post office or local hotels.

Bank Several banks in the village and money can be exchanged in hotels.

Repairs The coral diving boats employ good mechanics who will be able to take care of most engine problems.


Both the English and French occupied the small islands in the southern part of the Bay of Al Hoceima before the Spanish took over and, in 1673, changed Peñón de Alhucemas into a fortress. It was from this island that the Spanish General Sanjurjo invaded the mainland in 1926. Following the invasion the new town of Alhucemas was built in the barren hills and it retains a definite Andalucian atmosphere.

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