The beaches north of M'Diq are popular among Moroccan holidavmakcrs and in the summer there may even be a few European tourists. The fairly nondescript though pleasant village is a short walk from the port and aside from several restaurants and a good craft shop it has no particular attraction. Tetouan, 16km from M'Diq, is a striking town and well worth a visit. It is situated in a wide valley on the northern edge of the Rif mountains and, when the Oued iMartin was still navigable, small boats sailed up to it. During the time of the Spanish Protectorate it was the capital of Northern Morocco and some of the architecture is reminiscent of the Moorish buildings in AndalucĂ­a. Spill-over tourism from the Costa del Sol has left its traces and Tctouans attraction is slightly overshadowed by the problem of dealing with the many young guides, but do not let this stop you from visiting. There are frequent buses between M'Diq and Tetouan.

Eating out

Several eating houses and simple restaurants are located in the village. In summer time the restaurant in the yacht club is open and serves spectacular fish dishes. See as for Marina Smir.

i he fishing port of M'Diq in quieter times, from the overlooking cliff

Fishing port of M'Diq. Officially closed to yachts, but some still visit Graham Hutt


Small yachts might find room in the yacht club but normally the place for visitors is along the crowded E pier which has some room for yachts lying to their own anchors bows or stem-to. These are currently occupied by fishing boats. The yacht club charges minimal harbour dues and the public quay is free of charge.


All officials in the port which is a port of entry.

Eishing in the area is rewarding, with many large fish around Cabo Negro. Hammerhead and other types of shark, swordfish, tuna and other large fish arc regularly caught in the area. Permission needs to be obtained from the authorities to anchor in the area and it should be obtained in writing, as you will almost certainly be paid a visit by the coastguards.


Water and electricity Water is available from a tap on the E pier and electricity with a long lead. The yacht club has several water taps and electricity sockets.

Fuel Diesel available from a pump between the fish market and slip and petrol from a pump at the yacht club.

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