Agadir is a new town and all that remains of the old city, destroyed in an earthquake in 1960, is the restored kasbah. These ruins arc worth a visit and are a solemn reminder of the incredible forces of nature which we are powerless to subdue.

Sites locally

This is a modern tourist town, complete with a casino. Tourism is the largest industry here, with a local airport serving the town with international flights, mostly via Marrakech and Casablanca. Nearby is the oasis of

Agadir: a very modern town and crowded beaches Minaret

Taroudannt: an oasis in the desert near Agadir

'laroudannt, well worth a visit for its beauty and tranquillity.

Eating out

Many superb local and tourist type restaurants are in the town. Inevitably, fish is the main local dish. As you travel south on this Atlantic coast, the fish get bigger and better.

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