Bizerte To Cap Bon

Charges for a 12m yacht

High season May-Oct

Day TD37.000 Week TD250.000 Month Negotiable

Low season Nov-April Day TD 25.000 Week TD 170.000 Month Negotiable

Multihulls add 30%

Add 10% TVA


A port of entry. All officials arc in the port 24hrs a day.


Water and electricity On the pontoons for each berth, (new boxes fitted).

Fuel Diesel and petrol from pumps at the end of the W breakwater.

Gas Difficult to get refills. Ask at the capitainerie who will direct you to a shop that may refill camping gas cylinders.

Provisions A small shop in the marina and another just outside the port have fresh bread and a limited assortment of groceries. Magasin General in the village and a small covered market next to it. A large new supermarché in Carthage. A Monoprix and the best market in La Marsa. A new Carrefour has also opened nearby. Although not the most convenient place to go shopping, the colourful central market in lunis has the best assortment of fruit, vegetable, cheese, meat (including pork and wild boar) and fish that the country produces.

Fresh fish can be bought from fishermen in the port -hut bargain!

Duty-free alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes etc. can be ordered through the harbourmaster. Large orders will be delivered to the boat.

Handicrafts can be found in a small market in the village.

Showers In the new harbour buildings. There is also a hammam in the village.

Post office In the village.

Telephone and Fax In the harbour office.

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Sidi Bou Said marina in the Gulf of Tunis, from the village above Graham Hutt

Bank In the village, 'change' in the capitainerie. Repairs 22-ton travel-lift with small high pressure pump in the port. Price about TD 200 for 10-12m yacht, in and out, excluding the high pressure pump and hose.

Maintenance and minor repair work can be carried out. There are two chandleries with limited stock but possibly the best you will find in Tunisia, (but see note in Sailmakers and Sail Repair Facilities section of the Introduction (page 154) re Seamtech who supply all Tunisia). 'General Equipment':

TS 01743435. Ask for Narges who is keen to help. A caretaker for wintering afloat can be arranged. Work on the hard has to be carried out within a reasonable time period because of limited space. Perkins has an agent in Tunis. J mm dry Available in the town.

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