Depths in Metres

picturing a race horse, decorates the El Djezai'r Hotel in Algiers. Among the collection in the museum of Cherchell are statues of Apollo and the Emperor Augustus. Mosaics are found in the tranquil outdoor museum. Both can easily be visited in one day. Compared to the museums, the Roman ruins arc relatively insignificant although they make for a pleasant walk.

Cherchell and the beaches around it are a popular resort area and in summertime Algerian holidaymakers liven up the streets in the village.

Nearby, Tipasa is a modern summer resort in an idyllic setting with unique remains of the Roman era. If the weather makes anchoring there unsafe, Cherchell is a good base for a visit.

Eating out

A seafood restaurant near the port and several eating places in the village.

Cherchell fishing harbour. The basin in the foreground is shallow

A13 Tipasa

A pleasant anchorage in a bay between Ras El Kaliea in the W and the Islets of Sidid Said to the E. The anchorage offers some protection from the W but is exposed from NW to E. In 2004 yachts were turned away. Location

Sidi Ferruch 22M Algiers 35M Charts

Approach Port

Admiralty - 178

French 5699 Lights

Ras el Kalia Oc.4s32m12M

The anchorage

Tipasa lias two ports located either side of a N going mole, both too small and shallow for a yacht but the bay is a pleasant good weather anchorage. It lies between Ras el Kalia in the W and the islets of Sidi Said to the E and offers some protection from the W, but is exposed from NW to E. Anchor in 3.6m. Even light onshore breezes can make landing with the dinghy difficult.

Currently it is not possible to use the anchorage facilities (summer 2004).

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