Muslim <•> comctary do Dollys may be cxpcricnced in the Bay of Dellys, turning N close to the port entrance and bending NE off Pointe de Dellys to join the main E current along the coast.

The harbour lights often do not function, though entry by night would be straightforward.


As directed. Beware of the wake from passing fishing boats, which can be dangerous when tied up alongside the W quay. It is preferable to go further inside the port near the coastguard boat if the officials allow. Alternatively one may find a free mooring or room to anchor in the port (with tripping line). Holding is not very good; the best place may be SSE of Pointe de Dellys in sand 15-25m deep. Close to the point the bottom is rocky.


Port of entry and the officials are pleasant to deal with. Facilities

Water Only near the coastguard boat in the N eorncr. Provisions A reasonable assortment of fresh produce in the village.

Post office and bank In the- village.

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