El Jadida To Agadir

ancient, as pots are thrown on sunken kick wheels and are fired in specially-shaped two-tiered, wood-burning kilns. Safi pots are still painted by hand. It is possible to observe all phases of the manufacturing process, from a lump of clay to the fired, painted product. Considering all the time and effort evident in the Potters' Quarter, you will find prices for these wonderful ccramics extraordinarily cheap.

Eating out

As usual, the medina contains many placcs where one can cat well and inexpensively. There are several nicer restaurants around Place dc 1'Independence near the Wafa Bank. North of the city on Route Sidi Bouzid, are magnificent views of Safi, leading up to the restaurants Le Refuge (French and seafood) and La Corniche

(Moroccan and seafood). Take a petit taxi for this excursion.


Safi is a safe placc to leave your yacht for excursions inland. Europcar rental has an office located in Place Ibnou Sina. The train and bus stations are located some 1500m S of Placc de Pin dependence, on the extension of Rue de R'bat and Avenue du President Kcnncdv. respectively. A railway line connects Safi with all the coastal towns to the north, as far as langer, but recent information suggests that this coastal line is now only-used for freight once south of Casablanca. The line running inland to Marrakcch, Mcknes and Fes still carries passengers.

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