underwater world. A good path leads up to the lighthouse which offers a spectacular view of the islands and the coast. The visitors' book in the lighthouse was started in 1879 and it is closer to a museum piece than anything one will ever find in a real museum in Algeria. The first entries are from French survey lieutenants, followed by naturalists, divers and a few visiting yachts. The bay on the SW side at the foot of the lighthouse offers good protection from N and E winds and is a good base for diving or fishing expeditions. There is a large mooring buoy which can be used but make use of a kedge. Molding is not good but with enough scope the anchor will eventually set somewhere behind a rock. In 2004 the two mooring buoys on the E side of the island were missing. The Coastguard may recommend a little quay in the narrow inlet; it has only 1.5m alongside and is amongst rocks.

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